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County will handle DUI cases until cities pass ordinances to match new, stricter state law

There is a simple way to stop all the whining....DONT DRINK AND DRIVE!!! Dont let friends drink and Drive. People that drink and drive need to have penalties and it should not matter whether it is the district court or munciple court. You would think that you would want your streets to be safer from the idiots that drive after or while drinking and make sure they get hit hard for being dumb....but at the same time...use the same amount of attention on the other idiots out there such as the speeders, theives, felons and so on....

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Lawrence community devastated, shocked by closing of its SRS office sux that the SRS office is closing as there are alot of people that benefit from the services. after reading all the comments.....THe blame is going to therefore, NEXT TIME ELECTIONS COME UP...GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND VOTE SO YOU CAN ALL QUIT COMPLAINING.....I have also been reading about how it's going to be such a tragedy to drive to KC for's not that hard to find a ride or drive there, or it is just a matter of getting a job and finding out what other services there are in Lawrence such as ECKAN or SALVATION ARMY.

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