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Farmers look forward to average year for pumpkin crop

Now *this* is comedy. Who needs The Onion? Thank LJW!

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Lawrence woman arrested on charges of aggravated battery

Nah - if it had been a man I would have thought up something equally inappropriate and offensive.

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Lawrence woman arrested on charges of aggravated battery

"I'm Starting With The Man In
The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change
His Ways..."

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Deer crashes through window at Weaver's

Just got back to work from downtown and stopped by Weaver's. No obvious window damage (man they're quick!), but clear signs of arterial spray on the sidewalk along 9th from the alley to clear across Vermont St.

Doesn't look good for the deer, I'm afraid.

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KU's Chancellor collecting second-largest payout from North Carolina state pension fund

I don't understand why LJW made this a front-page story. Or an any-page story for that matter. Are they hate-baiting? CNN does that all the time and it's really annoying. Just stirring the pot to cause trouble. More power to Prof. G-L. I hope she gets a raise next year! She should be praised for all the important works she's done to get her to the pinnacle of her profession despite all the cultural road-blocks thrown in her way.

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Review: "Prince of Persia"

Ummm... that isn't Jake Gyllenhaal, and this is *not* the official trailer for the movie. Probably a fan video. Go on YouTube and you'll see the real thing -- much more impressive.

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Student to compete in national geography bee

Yes, good luck!

Come back and post some of the questions. I want to see how dumb I am.

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Stations pump up the retail

Check out the Phillips 66 at 3300 W. 6th. There's a whole Italian restaurant in there! (Basil Leaf Cafe). I ate there the other day, and it's pretty good. Will have to check out the curry in a hurry.

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Freebird, Coco, freebird!

"random pregnant lady" was Will Ferrell's wife.

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Songs and Lyrics: They've Got to Mention the Day of the Week or Month!

--The Beatles

--Strouse and Charnin (from "Annie")

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