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Lawhorn's Lawrence: A tale of an abandoned baby, a dime and a Lawrence laundromat

Hope Amy will find the answers she deserves about her abandonment. I hope she will keep searching. There are many search angels now that more states in the U.S. are allowing adults adopted as children to obtain the original birth certificates. Most single mothers during the Baby Scoop Era had no choice except to give up their newborns. That dime was heart breaker. No mother forgets their first born. Many single mothers from this era never received any support to keep their babies. The Girls Who Went Away is a good book by Prof. Ann Fessler, an adoptee herself.

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Great grant

Yes, most KU grant budgets are for salaries but at least the research is being conducted. But it still sounds like the foster children with mental health issues are still the guinea pigs. Can this research project lead to changing the past practices of not meeting the most challenging mental health needs for foster children? We can only hope and pray it does. So letting these foster children go back to their families of origin will help them overcome these mental health issues? I wish the news reporter would dig deeper into this story because it is a new perspective on families of origin being given their damaged foster children back.

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