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Where is a good Breakfast place?

I'm still mourning the Blue Bird....remember the Blue Bird? What a great diner. Breakfast to dream about, and oh--the pies, the pies.......

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Who is your favorite science fiction author?

The late Octavia Butler wrote spookily prescient (read Parable of the Sower) sci-fi. She wrote a gutwrenching book about an African-American woman transported back in time to meet her white slave ancestor as a small boy (Kindred). Ms. Butler, a female African-American sci-fi author--rather unusual--has received many awards.

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From the cloth

The only great thing about cloth is the big supply of dust rags after the kid is out of them! I used them with my first child. Tons of work, stinky, hard on my hands (rinsing), and in the long run, still an environmental problem. Also most day-care centers won't use them. I agree--pressing the corporations to make their diapers recyclable and providing community sites to do so seems to be the best solution.

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Are you bothered by panhandling in downtown Lawrence?

I recently gave a buck to an old guy, I usually don't mind donating. They gotta live too, right? But then the guy proceeded to sexually harass me for about 5 minutes. I nearly had to shove him to get him to leave me alone, yelling repeatedly at him to move on. Now I won't give money again, except to agencies. Guys like that are the folks that need to be addressed, they ruin it for the more peaceful panhandlers.

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Wal-Mart wins city approval

No, a Costco. A big-box with a conscience and some competition for the giant soulsucker that is Walmart. The city commission is a real disappointment. Thanks Boog, for voting no.

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Have you ever visited a national park?

Don't forget two of the closest: the Tallgrass Prairie National Park in Strong City, KS, and Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park, CO. Both gorgeous.

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Life after Harry

Try the Golden Compass (His Dark Materials) series, by Phillip Pullman. The first movie comes out In November, with Nicole Kidman as an evil villainess, but the books are great.

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Woodling: Offensive mascots must go

The name "Indians" is only part of the problem. "Scalp 'em, Indians!" and the horrible cheer (I am not making this up) "Ooh, ungowa, Indian Power!" were both used when I was in HS with an Indians mascot. At times these, along with the "Whoo-whoo-whooo" chant of hand clapping against mouth were used, even in games against teams that were comprised mainly of Native Americans (we lived a few towns away from a reservation). These contextual aspects were offensive, to say the least. Sometimes it's not just the name that is the problem.

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Flightless fare

I'm glad my "mother" didn't raise me for meat and oil.

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HH Bar and Grill to open in June

Mama mia!! Now that sounds like a good idea--we really need a good Italian place. Yum...manicotti, cannelloni, lasagne, spaghetti, rigatoni, chicken parmigiana, etc, etc, and don't forget to take the cannoli...anyone else hungry yet? Mangia!

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