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Are there any advancements you’d like to see the country make in the next century?

Depending on their views, Karen may just find herself out of a nannying job. I wouldn't want her influencing my children.

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Program allows artists to share talents in schools

Excellent idea, Dave, and a well-thought-out and inspiring argument. I look forward to learning more about AIS programs. The arts foster innovation and originality, which is sorely needed in our current world.

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Brownback criticized for signing abortion bill that opponents say will hurt women who get impregnated after being raped

bradh: If we carve out every procedure that "someone" objects to, into a separate rider, there is a long list that I'm sure each of us could create. For example, what if I don't believe in penile implants, or blood transfusions, or heart transplants in people over a certain age, etc etc. Does that mean that employers who are Jehovah's Witnesses or Scientologists or Christian Scientists (all of whom have specific proscriptions against medical procedures) can force us to buy specific policies for transfusions or psychiatric care because they don't "believe" in those modalities? Separate coverage is also a privacy issue, as I'm sure those lists can and will be accessed by people who wish to discriminate against those who don't share their beliefs. This is disturbing and inappropriate legislation.

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Burned dog’s vet bills mount

IF there was homeowner's/rental insurance, I would also argue this with the insurance company, as we consider pets "property" in this country. Our insurance is supposed to cover our property loss and damage. I'm sorry this happened, it's every pet owner's worst nightmare. I wish a speedy recovery for your best friend.

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Take care of your outdoor pet pals this year, too

Absolutely! Remember that animals like to huddle together, and two dogs are warmer in one house than in separate houses....I remember on the farm my dad building a hay bale house for the pets in the winter. Every morning we would find all the dogs AND the cats cuddled up inside. Pet owners, make sure your pets are safe and warm!

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Sustainable sweat equity: Lawrence homebuilder starts green construction in North Lawrence

I've been wondering if there are still builders out there who will create small homes....and green/energy efficient as well--what a sensible concept. Wonderful story. Mr. Trettel is quite visionary in this aspect. We need to get back to the idea of homes as shelter, not as showplace, and create sustainable dwellings.

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Bookworm: Librarian turned childhood passion into fulfilling career

Congratulations! A love of reading helps people in so many ways, and young adults are an important group to stay in touch with. Wonderful story!

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Dying to Lose Weight - What Have You Got To Lose?

Let me just toss in here that insurance will not pay for medical visits that are coded "obesity," that there is very limited coverage for dietary counseling, none for exercise counseling or physical therapy to establish exercise programs if the sole diagnosis is obesity, and that there is limited mental health coverage for most patients in terms of therapy to address underlying issues that have caused morbid obesity (I'm not talking about 30 lbs here...) There are some patients who do well with bariatric surgery, but many others who end up malnourished, unable to eat, or dying. Plus the cost of the surgery, which may be covered by insurance, plus the cost of follow-up care, is quite high. Yet the simple preventive measures I listed above, which would be far less than the 20-25K incurred at most surgery, is not allowable. Once again, radical and expensive solutions rather than preventive measures are the choice of our insurers. I hope your friend gets better.

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Nursing steps

Dave, she needs to contact the KS State Board of Nursing They can direct her to the appropriate offices/steps. If she's been working in Michigan, she has a US license, and there are endorsement fees and apps. to get it approved as a Kansas license. Jobs around here are pretty plentiful for nurses. She can subscribe to the Kansas City Nursing News which has job listings for the Lawrence/KC area. I'm sure Wichita and Topeka have similar resources. The local papers of major cities are usually loaded with jobs. I'm sure she'd be quite welcome. Clinical sites and nursing educators are getting harder to find. Time--for the clinical preceptors, and low salaries for professors (as opposed to what they make outside of academia once they have a Master's Degree) are real barriers. If we don't have teachers or clinical sites, all the recruitment in the world will not help nursing.People talk a lot about the value of nursing, but the government time and again sends the opposite message. The Chief Nurse position is being eliminated from the Red Cross, and NOT ONE nurse was appointed to a govt. task force "Healthy People 2020."Many incentive programs are proposed, but not funded by congress. Many nurses today would not allow a loved one to stay in a hospital without 24-hour attendance by a family member due to the severe shortage of nurses. Nurses matter. I hope solutions can be discovered and FUNDED.

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Rockin' Movie Soundtracks

Lots of good picks in the list.I just saw "Starter for 10" --lousy title, but a charming British romantic comedy (Tom Hanks also credited as a producer). Songs by The Cure, The Smiths, Kate Bush, Echo and the Bunnymen, Psychedelic Furs, etc. Even a little Motorhead. Agnostick, I love all those films too. I've played the hell out of my Valley Girl 1 CD. Donnie Darko and O, Brother are favorites, and Into the Wild had a really wonderful sound. Music can really make or break a movie. We saw the original 3:10 to Yuma on TCM the other night, and the soundtrack was so mismatched to the mood/action we couldn't finish the movie.

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