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Church battles local hunger with food fight

Yes I agree. This event was in very poor taste.

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Car seat installation checks reveal large number of children not being safely restrained

How about this - why don't we do some research and include, with this article telling the population how bad they're doing, HOW TO DO IT RIGHT - and also, just as a bonus, what the actual laws are about child restraint (age, ht/wt, location in vehicle, all that sh1t)?

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From a salary standpoint, what would you say a stay-at-home mom is worth?

Nothing. The rest of us have to work AND do everything the "stay at home mom" has to do. So from a salary standpoint, they are worth absolutely nothing.

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Not enough to do

Go touch the moon rock. Apparently that's a hot attraction in Lawrence.

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LMH dumps water bottles for boxes

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Chelsea Clinton remarks cloud debate plan

Who cares?

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Insurance companies see little change for businesses

As far as children are concerned - will they even recognize that this is a photo of two women?

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Ex-teacher's attorney gets access to records

could face five to 20 years in prison.

This is what happens when you are fat and ugly. Pretty little blondes with crystal blue eyes and full red lips walk free. Where's the justice? Fat girls need love too.

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'Secret' gets put to the test

Perhaps you should read a book before you attempt to openly critique it.

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Owners seek to boost visibility

I eat at restaurants that serve good food, period. One plate of cold, sauce-covered fat chunks from Biggs was enough to keep me away. Mr. Holiday needs to worry about what's happening INside. The rest will come.

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