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Haskell president: NAIA probation traced to academic fraud involving two students

and it take one thought like Katatnite to make a comment he/she knows nothing about when it comes to student interns @ Haskell. I for one, have worked in the Registrar's office and had to have an extensive federal background check done that was umteen pages long and very invasive of my history. All student interns/workers have to go through this same process. AND let me remind yall, that there was no wrong doing on any part of the employees or workers. AND we do have ACCESS to records but there are only certain people who can CHANGE items in the system-its called RESTRICTED ACCESS or USER ACCESS RESTRICTIONS. You should check it out before jumping to conclusions, just my thought......and by the way they do have students working at KU who handle records, I was a student there too and lo and behold I had to go to the registrars office too and what do you know? There were students, just like at Haskell, who was able to print out my transcript on the spot and give it to me. No laws are being broken or violations committed, and IF you had such a problem with it, why didnt you just ask, instead of gossip and be whiny about it........

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