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Haskell has yet to notify the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics of academic violations

Blah, blah, blah, blah... whah, whah, whah. Get rid of the bad apples (2) at the Sports Complex (hint, hint) they're brother and sister and they have the SAME last name (not hard to uncover). I agree with you Drillsgt., people SHOULD have the background and credentials for the positions they hold. Have Sis prove her ABD status that she CLAIMS she's got and big brother doesn't even have his Master's degree, so what's he doing TEACHING or coaching at Haskell? Hmmm, he went from a junior high coach to a college coach when his uncle was president at Haskell (also same last name). And come on REDMAN, no matter how you spin it, SHE supervises her BROTHER (see signing off on his team purchases/meals, etc.). NEPOTISM. Haskell also needs to get rid of the other apple that worms her way into EVERY administration (currently at Navarre Hall; you'll find her right next to the president with the brown stuff on her schnozz). She's so good she should write a book on it for those that are into THAT sort of thing. Oh, she also has the same last name last name as the other two at the Complex. Come on Haskell, give them the BOOT!

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Haskell has yet to notify the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics of academic violations

Ted, Ted, Ted, the worm has FINALLY turned! Just come clean! KU, look at the type of individual you have around the men's basketball program. Don't let him taint KU like he did Haskell! Good job Journal World on exposing what this guy brought to Haskell. I would like to STRONGLY urge you to look at WHO was in charge of validating eligibility and academic standing for the athletic department at that time and WHAT HER TITLE is today under Redman's leadership. These same bad apples (family) KEEP getting into influential positions at the school and CORRUPTION and dirty dealings ALWAYS follow. Come on Redman, WAKE UP before they take you down with them. Ask Linda all about it. Wait, she'll probably pull a Ted, "I don't know anything about that," ninja move. Sure, sure...

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