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May 12th: National Limerick Day. Care to Write One?

The limericks must not only rhyme
They've also got rhythm and time
I beg and entreat
a metrical beat
So next year won't be such a crime

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April Is Poetry Month - The Reason Behind That Long Winter

The words of a fine April poem
elude me 'cause I do not know 'em.
But spring blades of grass
are calling my a**
to get off the couch and go mow 'em.

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Slanted facts

It's easy enough to bash the Catholic church because it's organized enough to bash - and sue. The totally unverifiable (but 90% true) fact is that pedophiles are attracted to situations in which they can influence children. Now that the priesthood doesn't look so attractive, they will be teaching at your inner city schools. Lets talk about it in twenty years when the victims come forward.

The whole thing about homosexuals and the priesthood could demonstrate, to some, how this pope is trying to protect the masses (pun intended) from his priests. To others, it could demonstrate what a blithering idiot his holiness is.

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Attorney General criticizes payments to CLO, but says no laws broken

There's a lot of rumors about CLO, and I don't know what planet ya'll are on.

Anyone curious about Midnight Farms, visit their website and volunteer. You'll be amazed to see the hard work that is going on there.

And Truth, if you actually have a relative living at CLO, I expect you to get your facts straight. CLO is "under investigation" all the time, as are most state funded facilities. If your relative hasn't "received the benefit" of Midnight Farms, there could be any of a thousand reasons. CLO has dozens of programs for the people served, and a lot of work goes into developing a plan for each person. Your being satisfied with some rumor from someone that doesn't know what they are talking about shows me that you don't care much about the truth at all. When is the last time you visited your "relative?" Yea, I thought so.

Sure, it is hard work for low pay and the turnover is high because of it. Goes to show you should pay more taxes or donate to CLO or some similar organization yourself.

I know, it's a lot easier to sit behind a keyboard and make nasty comments like beabachter does. Playing games with peoples lives is entertaining to those types.

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The disappeareded lottery

The dearly disappeareded are gathering tonight at the new Hooters out there off up on the SLT.

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Points refuted

This community will benefit from having its globals warmed at the new Hooters out on the SLT.

I'm not joking.

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TV displays flexible morals

Me and my friends at Hooters think Letterman's misogyny is shocking.

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SLT expected to rank high on project funding list

This is great news for the new Hooters out on the SLT!

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Lazy assumptions

What we can all agree on is that Democrats and Republicans alike will enjoy the new Hooters out on the SLT.

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Song's or Lyrics That Contain A Doomsday Or Post-Apocalypse Theme

I met Liberace in the 70s.

More recently, I spoke to his spirit, and he actually adores the idea of the new Hooters out on the SLT.

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