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No. 2 recruit Julius Randle chooses Kentucky

Even after UK lost in the first round of the NIT last night. But it's an oral commitment - there's time to change his mind!

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Plans filed for commercial zoning south of the Wakarusa River

Not keen to have that at the corner of the road I live on (OK - I know that's the usual 'not in my neighborhood' argument). We are 100% residential in that area. Traffic is just slowing down or speeding up at that point on Hwy 59, making it a rather high speed corner to handle an increased number of vehicles turning or crossing the highway to gain access to the storage units. Would additional road improvements be necessary?

Why don't you put the bait store on the turnoff to Lone Star Lake and Clinton Lake - county road 458? Would the bait store be able to compete with Walmart, which also sells bait a mile and half away?

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Did you receive a gift card as a present during the holidays?

Didn't get any and didn't give any.

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Weather forces districts, including Lawrence, to cancel classes; other cancellations listed

I drove to work at KU a half hour ago in a mini van from outside of town and experienced no problems on the roads. I am prepared for bad weather, as we all should be living in Kansas, and know how to drive in less than ideal conditions. I'm glad to see the snow, and my son is making some extra money getting rid of it. And I get to have lunch with my daughter and grandkids who are home from school today. It's a good day.

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KU women advance to Sweet 16 with upset over third-seeded Delaware

Only three schools have both women's and men's teams in the Sweet 16 - Kansas, Baylor and Kentucky. I'd say that's a pretty nice accomplishment, especially for the Big 12 and KU.

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Data show this November to January is 16th warmest in Lawrence since 1909

Precipitation is misspelled twice on the "Average Precipitation" chart. Can you fix it, please?

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Eudora falls to Rose Hill in state championship, 21-0

My nephew is the coach of the Rose Hill Rockets - congrats to him and his team as well. Sounds like both teams had great seasons!

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Town Talk: UPDATE Glassware co. seeking tax abatement at East Hills; Kitchen and baking store to open in former Bay Leaf spot; Kia looks to be coming to former Auto Exchange on 23rd Street

Yes! Please get that thing out of there. I can't make it around without stopping to back up when turning left, so I turn in front of it. I can't believe that the fire department hasn't taken a bulldozer to the thing.

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Town Talk: Quiznos reopens on South Iowa; traffic signal slated for 23rd and O'Connell; new rules may aid apartments; Grinstead lands job with national humane society

Another way to improve traffic control along K-10 entering Lawrence from the east is to drop the speed limit. This could be done with the simple addition of "5"s over the "6"s on the 65mph signs to make it 55mph. Many don't slow down by five miles an hour, but they might be inclined to slow down 15 miles an hour (from 70mph). Minimal cost to the city/county. Then have a policeman or sheriff park out there for a week or two and ticket speeders.

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Trash fees

I have no 'end of driveway' recycling option, so I take mine to Walmart, or other recycling containers around town. I probably pay more than $17 in gas over a three month period to drive it there. Don't ever let anyone tell you living in the country is cheap - quite the contrary!

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