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Lawrence-area couple builds '30s-style gas station

Very nice. Would like to see it in person sometime. Tanya, I have known you a long time, never had the pleasure meeting your husband. Congrates on the nice story on here and in the paper as well. You guys have put a lot of elbow greese into this, and it looks awsume. You guys talked about passing this on to your son. Believe me, this is far better then a few dollars in the bank. That is the same thing I tell my kids and grand kids about my toy tractors. Next time I see anything service station on a auction cheap, i'll pick it up, and you can trade me toy tractors. lol

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Two semitrailers collided near N. 1000 Road and U.S. 59, south of Lawrence.

I hate these stupit blogs. I think the J.World shopuld do away with them. People have nothing better to do then sit around and do this crap. Mr. Cheeseburger why would you guess what happened, when you don't know. The man that is hurt and was driving the smaller truck
is freind of mine, you have no idea what happened so keep quit!

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Fire chief working double duty in new role

This being two cheif's at once, is wrong. Citizens of Wakarusa Township, and citizens of Eudora, Kansas, let your voice's be heard. Wakarusa Township Board of Directors meet at 4:00pm on the second Tuesday and at 6:30pm on the forth Tuesday every mounth at the Township Hall at 300w. 31st. street. The Eudora city council meets on the second and forth Monday at 7:00pm. every mounth, at the Eudora city hall on the corner of 6st. & main st. in Eudora, Ks.

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Fire chief working double duty in new role

What makes you think it will save money. It will not . He will be getting two salaries. That is a known fact.

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