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Should businesses be able to prohibit concealed firearms?

I really have no problem with any business, muncipality, or government entity completely banning any means of self protection. ie. firearms, chemical or edged weapons etc. With the provision that they are completely responsible for the protection of everyone. Furtermore responsible for any injuries incurred from criminal attacks including supporting my family if I am permanently disabled or death occurs.

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Kline: Rapists have no right to privacy

Most on this forum would have a different opinion if it was there own child that had been raped or abused. Minds change very quickly when the shoe is on the other foot.

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Do you think Lawrence as a city is mean to the homeless?

Regarding the police reports for today. Homeless people need sex too!

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Child advocates driven to boost seat belt use

I agree with Rep. Gary Hayslett Its time the government and these do-gooders stop trying to legislate stupidity, as well as morality. What happened to personal responsobility in this country. Of course someone will say its for the childrens sake but where does the intrusion end. Will we be in the homes next requiring the safety locks on the kitchen cabinents and all the other baby proofing home items. again I say PERSONAL RESPONSOBILITY!

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Fitness club members criticize tree with Birthright message


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Fitness club members criticize tree with Birthright message

The only thing PP promotes is abortion. They don't need to promote any other sevices because the public schools hand out condomns with our tax dollars.

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Douglas County receives grant to expand anti-smoking efforts

You know what ticks me off is using tax money to fund social issues. I personally don't care to be around smokers but have never found it to be a problem finding establisments that have seperate areas for smoking or are completely smoke free at the OWNERS discretion. On the occasion I wish to go somewhere that is not smoke free I deal with it if I want to be there.

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Mirecki mum on details of beating

Actually I'm 45 but most of the time I act 12

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Mirecki mum on details of beating

I wonder if the two guys in the pickup were the same two that were trying to run the Griswalds off the road in the Christmas vacation movie.

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New uproar in education erupts

If you left wingers are so concerned about the miserable state of public education. Why is it I have yet to find a private school for left wing, liberal, pagan, alternative lifestyle education? That way school vouchers would benefit your cause as well as mine.

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