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What Were You Doing When You Heard The News?

I had just gotten home from the hospital (the night before) and had 3 kids at home. I was wondering what the heck I was doing bringing another child into this world? Very sad for a brand new mother let alone any mother! I do think that the USA is a great place to live and will always remember those that sacrificed that day and through the years. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

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Free State's Hull twins earn all-state honors

Way to go Perry-Lecompton girls.......and all the other girls!

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TherapyWorks hosting incontinence seminar

This story reminds me of the book I read called, "A Mad Dash To The Outhouse", by Will E. Makeit

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Where Are Palin's Sisters? Calling All Feminists!

feminism = ????? After reading some of these posts I think I grew up with a total different meaning.

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Where Are Palin's Sisters? Calling All Feminists!

Having 3 daughters I think I know how she must have felt. I think she handled it with incredible grace.

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Fired for being conservative? LHS fires a teacher?

Jefferson county has PLENTY of liberal teachers!

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Driving danger

No my inline ad says, "are you a hot mama?"

Woot! Woot!

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Do you play the lottery?

Everytime I read this paper!

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Investigate Bush

LOL at RoeDapple. I read these comments alot and I think you made a very good call.

Hermi.....I believe you've been "called out"!

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