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Lawrence city commissioner seeks outright ban on panhandling downtown

Thank you for your honesty, I agree completely. For those who do not agree, please, feel free to open your homes to these bums. I am sure you would get no complaints from the rest of us.

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Lawrence city commissioner seeks outright ban on panhandling downtown

Just this afternoon, after picking up a few grocery items at Dillons on 6th street (the Dillons at the corner of Lawrence avenue and 6th), this dude on a bike comes up to me after approaching other patrons and asks me for money. I told him to get lost and if he didn't, I would be calling the store. He quickly took off. Seriously!??? I am a single mom, working and going to school full time. This guy is obviously an able-bodied young man capable of working, he has transportation either through his bike or the transit system, and he is asking me for my money?!? I am disgusted at these people. If you are mentally ill or physically disabled, I am more apt to give you some sympathy. But it is guys like the one who approached me today that are absolutely a disgrace. Please Please Please City Commission...pass the ban!! No more!!

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Urgent need

Thank goodness there will be no tent city to further exacerbate this problem. I was walking downtown with my three year old niece last week to go to the park. We decided to walk on the sidewalk behind the storefronts on the west side of Mass, between 8th and 9th. We got all the way to the end, behind the cheese shop and had to squeeze past a homeless guy, passed out on the bench of a picnic table, gaping mouth open, dried blood all over his face.
Seriously. Do these homeless advocates think I am supposed to shake this dude out of his drunken coma, take him to my home around my kids, clean him up, feed him and give him a bed?
If they are so concerned about guys like this, why don't they patrol these areas where they congregate and help them? Stop blaming people like me who feel that these people present a serious threat to families and children.

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City of Lawrence being asked to establish campsite for homeless people

Damn. My kid and I just hiked down to the park along the river. Nice little place. Too bad I can count it out for my Saturday afternoon walks once it becomes a health and physical safety hazard. This will not solve the problem of the constant panhandling, public drunkeness and harassment, etc. It will just get worse. I agree with one poster above...give them a free ride to the county line.
I have one message to the homeless advocates: My first responsibility is to my family, not to you or the transients. I refuse to risk the safety and well-being of my family so I can wear the badge of political correctness or spout my "good politics"!!!
Homeless people have nothing to lose, and people with nothing to lose are dangerous people.
As for the city commissioners: Do you ever come downtown? Do any of you have any idea how bad this has gotten? There are areas of Mass street I have to completely avoid now, due to the constant harassment and threats I get from homeless people. And forget about South Park or Watson park. Every few feet is a blanket, an empty liquor bottle,and a puddle of piss.
I went to the Saint Patricks day parade a couple months ago...arrived two hours early to stake out a spot for my partner and kids, just to have three intoxicated homeless people saunter up and plop down right next to us, blowing second hand smoke in our faces and acting lewd the entire time in front of my kids.
I shudder to think that this idea could possibly be considered rational. What is already an absolutely unacceptable and out of control situation will become a complete nightmare for the rest of us. Please Please Please reign this in NOW!!!!!!!!

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Police arrest man accused of assault, battery of two KU students

Like I told my kid yesterday...nothing good happens between the hours of 10:00pm and 7:00am.

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Commissioners consider renaming Missouri Street

Seriously? Is this really where our time and money is going?

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The real housewives of Douglas County

Escapee,I agree with you that life is what you make of it. For all the married women who think their lives with their husbands is just one long dream date, there are just as many who are ready to jump off a cliff for need of some independence. Vice versa for single moms. I am indeed happy with my life and proud of what I have made of it. I just think people overall are a little insulted that the stay at home moms are cast in the light of saints and the single moms, like myself are characterized as having horns and bat wings. It gets a little old sometimes, but ah well. I guess that what posting like this is for. Go single moms!!!!!!!!!!

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The real housewives of Douglas County

I can appreciate the work these women do and the pressure they are under. Raising children is a 24/7 job if you are a good parent. I do not wish ill for them because they are married or, as some posters have said "have it made." Staying home to take care of children, a household and a husband is no easy task.What I find disgraceful is that single mothers have a negative stigma attached to them which prevents the LJWorld from running a story on thier lives. It is hurtful and prejudiced for this news publication to be so biased and shed light only on married stay-at-home moms, as though only being a married mom is the picture of morality, and being a single mom makes you the whore of Babylon. I am a single mom, I work and I go to school. I do just as good of a job with my child as any one of these women do wtih theirs, I volunteer, I am more often than not being pulled in twenty different directions, and I am doing it all while keeping a roof over my child's head and food on my table. If the LJWorld wants to do a story on BOTH sides of this issue, I am sure that I, along with many other single moms would jump at the chance!! Give us single sisters a little nod, will ya?

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Homeless hypocrisy

hawk,I am in complete agreement with the idea of a permit. The last time I was verbally assaulted for not handing over my money, my first thought was to call the police to have the woman removed. Right on the heels of that thought was the resignation that it is just a waste of my tax dollars to have the police come out, try to reason with her, and move her one block down.I will be at the meeting on Tuesday. I am fed up.

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Businesses urge city to get tough on downtown panhandlers

There is nothing that makes me more disgusted than to see an able-bodied individual loafing around downtown asking me for a handout. Just recently I was called a "fu@*!ng whore" when I refused such a request. I don't know how Chris McQuiston can consider such verbal abuse to be "charming". Charm is the boutiques and outdoor cafes. Charm is the hotdog stand on the corner or the Zen Garden or the saxophone player who has some serious talent. Charm is not a smelly bum confronting me on my way in or out an establishment. Or, even worse, a grouping of smelly bums with mangey dogs and out of tune guitars. Get rid of em'. The sooner the better.

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