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Eyes are on the skies as region braces for 'blizzard conditions'

consumer 1,
I absolutely agree. She should have taken off her coat and put it over her child or just dealt with the rain. DUH.

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Night-shift parenting

"Later" is now, my friend. That child is in the most formative years of development. I have worked night shift before as well, and I agree you have to be "hard" as you say. But working with human beings, particularly those who often cannot physically or verbally defend themselves, such as the elderly, is not the place to "get hard". She frightens me, and the fact that LJWorld is portraying her as some kind of wonderful, nuturing mom who is just doing her best is shameful.

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Night-shift parenting

(I am shaking my head, here): The comment about not paying attention in class is interesting...being a KU student, I find that not only is there a positive correlation between paying attention and receiving better grades, it is also a more rewarding experience in that I am actually there to learn, not "just for the credit".

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Night-shift parenting

I also have to add that it is a little disturbing to see a toddler playing "Rock Band". Wouldn't a book or a box of blocks be more conducive to her learning and cognitive development? I hope I am not the only person who finds this woman unsettling. There must be more honorable parents/CNA's in our community who would be worthy of an interview.

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Night-shift parenting

I might be a little oversensitive, but I find Mr. Gintowt's wording of "freshly deceased" and Ms. Mellenbruch's comment of "finding dead people doesn't bother me as much anymore" offensive. I worked for a private care-giving company in the past, and I remember quite well the spectrum of emotions felt by both the families, their loved ones, and caregivers during end of life stages and at the moment when a loved one has passed. Often times a death was preceded by months of physical and/or mental debilitation by the elderly individual. Their family members were faced with the emotionally draining process of making serious quality of life/end of life care decisions. I sat by many clients, holding thier hands in the final stages of death and felt honored and humbled that I was able to care for them as long as I had. I feel that Mr. Gintowt and Ms. Mellenbruch could have worded their sentiments with a bit more decorum and kindness. If she is "not bothered much anymore" perhaps she ought to find a different line of work. I certainly would not this woman caring for my aging parents. She's not working in an animal hospital, for crying out loud.

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Mangino, KU settle for $3 million seems I read somewhere in today's Lawrence news something else about $3 million dollars...where was that...oh yes! I remember now! Our public school officials are trying to fill a $3 million dollar gap!

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City vows action on begging problem

I never thought I would say this...but JoCo is looking very appealing due to it's being safer for my family. My partner lives there and I always said there was not way I would ever trade my Lawrence for a neighborhood surrounded by big box stores and corporate cafes. can bet this begging crap would not be tolerated there, not for one second.

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City vows action on begging problem

Empty Mind,
I really don't feel this is a matter of throwing stones. As I posted yesterday: I am a single mother, working and going to school full time. I have worked in less than desireable positions, such as McDonalds, third shift at Packer Plastics stacking cups, etc., because my integrity demanded it of me. I find it offensive that a majority of these transients are in reality able-bodied young people who choose to live as lazy bums, and who actually think they have a right to ask me for the money I make to perpetuate their "lifestyle". And what is worse, is when I choose NOT to give them my money, many of them respond in an aggressive and threatening manner. I have young children and I will be damned if I am going to take food out of their mouths so the ACLU can maintain their political correctness. I have lived in Lawrence for almost 20 years now and I have never seen the downtown conditions as bad as they have gotten. What makes me sick is that these people know what they are doing, and they get a kick out of the fact that they can get away with it. And I would like to furthermore clarify that I am not talking about those who are actually mentally ill or disabled. I know which of those in our transient community are harmless, such as Simon and Joe, and FYI, I have given them food and money at times. The ones I am talking about are the actual bums that choose to slum around downtown instead of work and pay their way like the rest of us. I have a truckload of stones, and I am ready to start throwing.

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City vows action on begging problem

O.K..I am on board with this. Anyone else? Can we actually do something instead of just posting about it?

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City vows action on begging problem

I agree. I posted yesterday about how one of the schmucks approached me...and this was in the parking lot of Dillons on 6th street!!! And..when I would not give him my money, he got angry!!! What?!?

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