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Anti-abortion legislator has ultrasounds performed in her Senate committee

This sonographer is very unprofessional (and should be sanctioned by her Board). But then, of course she thinks its a good idea to force ultrasounds on pregnant women. Ka-ching, ka-ching! If those women want to be used in this way, that's their choice. The sonographer, as a medical professional, should have refused to conduct a needless procedure, staged strictly for entertainment purposes.

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Couple's deteriorating health preceded alleged shooting death of wife

I am wondering if they were ever reported to Adult Protective Services. A very sad situation.

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Loss of license ordered in Kansas abortion case

Both psychologists and social workers are trained to diagnose mental disorders. In fact, social workers are the largest provider class of mental health services in the country. A Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker can not only diagnose independently, but can also collect third party reimbursement, and can assess clients for involuntary commitment. So can Psychologists, similarly licensed.

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Jim Carr Memorial Fund to help Douglas County families with cost of adoptions

I did not know that this fund existed. What a wonderful thing-and a wonderful way to remember this man, who ensured that two little girls got a family.

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Statehouse Live: Lawrence Chamber of Commerce rejects signing onto tax increase letter

I completely agree with getreal. Hard to believe it's the LAWRENCE Chamber that is balking about ponying up to support what we all think is critically important.

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Larryville's Conservative, Boring Sister

My question is, where is Salina getting the money to bring her? Her fee, apparently, is 100K (this is what she is charging a conservative group in Iowa, apparently). Are they using stimulus money? an anonymous benefactor? $100 apiece tix?

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Assassination of JFK: Where Were You?

Ronda, I have been thinking about this all day. Like you, I was a preteen. It was a Friday, and my sister and I were among the few kids in our elementary school because the other kids had been taken out of school by their parents to go downtown to see the parade--we lived in Dallas but my parents, rock-ribbed Republicans, were not going to go. The students returned for the afternoon classes, but a lot of them were crying. They had seen what had happened. To this day I wonder what their parents were thinking, dropping them off at school after that like nothing had happened!The following Sunday, our class was supposed to go on a field trip to see the opera, "Madame Butterfly." My father was going to pick us up from Sunday School and drive us downtown. But when he came he told us that we were not going downtown--Lee Oswald had been shot, and it was pandemonium. Forty-five years later, it still feels weird to drive near the Book Depository, where it happened.

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T-shirt turmoil: 'Barack Chalk Jayhawk' T-shirt never should have been allowed, KU says

I am the aforementioned faculty advisor who blogged about this, and I would like to make a few tiny corrections to this report. First, there is an implication that I tried to make up a McCain t-shirt while working in the word Jayhawk. I did say this, but the context was different. I certainly am not in the business of figuring out how to support Senator McCain. My point was that students ought to have wider latitude in the use of these symbols, whether they are for McCain or Obama. I also said that anyone who is a sentient being would know that the Barack Chalk t-shirt did not imply university endorsement. Many groups (Hillel, Christian religious groups, and Queers and Allies) have made special t-shirts with Jayhawk iterations that reflect those affiliations. Does anyone think that those would imply endorsement of a specific religion or sexual orientation by the University? My blog is located at

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Inspiring events

I would have to disagree with Reed. Democrats do not owe him, or anyone else an apology. First of all, people with disabilities, or the elderly were admitted through a separate door. Second, caucus rules absolutely were followed (there is a reason why he never notes which rules were abridged or ignored). Third, the tallies were kept on a laptop, which automatically calculated how many people in the Edwards, Kucinich, and Undecided camps needed to redistribute, and where, before another delegate could be awarded to the Obama or Clinton camps. The circumstances--bad weather and an unpredictably large crowd--were unfortunate, if one was looking for a lot of structure, but no one needs to apologize.

I was frozen by the time I got inside, but thrilled about being a part of something so cool. So were most of the people I talked to.

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Final course

Here's a fun fact that the article missed: when Phil went in to apply for the Head Start job 33 years ago, they very nearly did not hire him. Why? Because he was so well-trained and so experienced in cooking, that they thought he would leave quickly for greener pastures. They just didn't know Phil, I guess. For folks in this town whose concerns have been about the well-being of kids, Phil, we thank our lucky stars for what you have done for them all these years.

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