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Special police detail seeks to curb dangerous behavior among college students

You squish heads never surprise me!! Give them a warning??? Ya, well there are written laws that govern your actions...You drink in public, you get a ticket or arrested!! You drink underage, same applies!! You want to fight in public, read previous!! I am sick and tired of people expecting special treatment for breaking the law...Try these big pants on....Be RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS and if you get caught, expect to be punished for it.

Geez, this town would be an awful place to be a cop... the ole damned if you do, damned if you don't. These cops are paid to ENFORCE the laws and that is what I expect them to do as a taxpayer. Set the example early in the school year of what is expected from people living in our city because if you don't, they will not respect our city.

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Douglas County drug investigation seizes $1 million in meth from Mexican drug cartel

Guess they could rent a few more U-Haul trucks.

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Police break string of high-dollar burglaries, continue to investigate

I would like to commend Officer Emerson for a job well done!! This was just good ol' solid police work!! A couple of things in the article surprised me about the police department...First, I did not realize the patrol officers were responsible for investigating all of the reported property crimes in the city (according to the KBI stats, 2012 numbers were 4,018 property crimes) as well as investigating the domestic calls, car accidents, drug calls, check on this, check on that...etc. which I think the numbers were around 100,000 calls for service last year.

McKinley said, "property crimes are investigated by the patrol officers — Lawrence has detectives only for person felonies such as robbery and homicide — investigations like this one happen between urgent calls from injury accidents, domestic violence and bar brawls."
A quick check of the KBI stats showed Lawrence had zero homicides and 55 rapes. If LPD has 20+ detectives, that equals out to approximately 2.75 cases per detective each year...surely I am missing something here. And I would assume most of the rapes are reported to the police after the detectives go home at 5 or 6pm. If the patrol officers are staffed at 75 officers, that equals out to 53.68 cases per officer each year and 1,333 calls for service!!! Help me out here, but the numbers are crazily offset. Why not deploy the 20+ detectives to the street and they can indulge in the lion share of police work also.

Second thing that surprised me was the fact the police department did not have the adequate space to house the recovered stolen property and they had to rent Ryder trucks. As a taxpayer, this is embarrassing!!! If we can not support such a critical function of our city services with adequate work space and storage space, then we sure as heck dont need a new $20+ million dollar recreation center!!! It is time our city commissioners and city manager get their priorities straight and fund critical functions such as police, fire, water, and sanitation.

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Lawrence Public Library exploring digital options for readers

I have tried the E-books on a couple of occasions, but there is nothing like sitting down with a physical paperback, enjoying the day reading.

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Lawrence residents say new garbage cans are stinking up the city

I have had the same issue with my new can. The odor is horrendous and I bag all of my trash. I have washed out the interior, used Simple Green, soap, no avail. I will call Mr. Pruitt today to see if they will switch me out containers.

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