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Budget proposals would deeply affect community

Crossing Guards get PAID? ... when I was a kid in the Shawnee Mission School District, the 6th Graders were the crossing guards and the 5th Graders were alternates. It was a position of honor and service to others that taught responsibility and many other lessons. A team of teachers chose the most responsible students, trained them and oversaw this important duty. There were always 2 students at each intersection, one on each side of the street. Why is it that only adults can hold a sign, wear an orange vest, look both ways and blow a whistle in Lawrence ?

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Housing program jumps the gun

This headline would make us believe that City Hall has authority to tell churches how they can help people and which ministries to put in place. Jumping the gun, indeed. In spite of what some may believe, not everyone needs government help or assitance to serve others.

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Pilot’s life prepared him for ‘miracle’ flight

Now there's an uneducated comment from someone who's never seen Patty Wagstaff fly her aerobatic manuvers. Oh, by the way, she's so gifted as a pilot that one of her planes is in the Smithsonian ...

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Transit changes on fast track

The City needs to hire a Public Transit Coordinator before much will happen on the Transit side. This job has been vacant since Cliff Galante left and the job posting is still open until Jan 12. Anybody want to step up ? Spread the word. This would be a great job for the right candidate.

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Christmas Vespers, open house set at Territorial Capital Museum

Will this event be held at the Territorial Capital Museum or at the Lecompton Episcopal Church? ... the article announces the event but gives no location ...

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City wants to buy depot

What a great deal for the railroad ! The City takes over maintenance and ownership responsibilities for their place of business. If I ask real nice, do you think the City will build and maintain a building for my business, too ? I have a dollar ... When the city doesn't have enough money to buy 4 shovels full of asphalt to fix the street in front of my house, they want to buy another white elephant? Let's go all out and put a roundabout in front of the depot, too ... tax and spend, tax and spend >>>

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Gift cards are great for retailer, not for buyer

Interesting perspective ... I've built Gift Card programs for some of the largest and most respected companies in Lawrence. None of them charge "fees", cause the card to ever expire, or are unwilling to replace a lost card. As for "scams", I don't know how a retailer could "scam" someone with a gift card ... If major car dealerships, liqour stores, and 100+ year old department stores go out of business and won't redeem gift cards they've issued we're all in trouble and none of us will have jobs in Lawrence. This uninformed author should have done more homework on the advantages to people giving and receiving gift cards before writing this lopsided commentary. Bottom line: if you're considering buying a gift card, ASK QUESTIONS. The retailers will explain their individual policies and procedures.

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City must figure how to balance its budget

Why do Mayor Hack and others continue to call this proposal a "1 cent tax" ... sounds so innocent and tiny, doesn't it? ... Why not call it by what it REALLY is, a "1% sales tax"?

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