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Bill would reward cash, check, debit card users

unnecessary ... MC/V already allow merchants to discount for cash and debit is less expensive than cc acceptance ... they need to do their homework and not try to legislate something that has been in play for a long time. This is ploitical grandstanding of an existing industry norm. Many gas stations have offered cash discounts for years.

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Library options

Agreed, akuna ... the Monolithic Library approach just doesn't make sense ... they say that more meeting space is needed ? Between KU, Haskell, public and private educational facilites, all the churches , hotels, motels, restaurants and bank buildings in Lawrence, there's plenty of free meeting space available. Replicating what's already available seems a waste of precious resources.

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Police, OnStar track down leaving-the-scene accident suspect

Hey Logrithmic ... if you put on your tin foil hat those black helicopters flying over your house cant read your mind or count the money in your wallet because you know the new money has those magnetic ribbons in them ...

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Sunflower Broadband to offer refunds to residential Internet customers after Wednesday's outage

Nearly all businesses were greatly affected by this, including home-based, bricks and morter, and e-commerce entities. These companies have come to rely on high speed internet access to process credit cards, to work with clients and vendors and to run their Point of Sale systems. We accrued losses far greater than one days cost of the service. Business owners should be given one MONTH's free service and that wouldn't come close to covering the administrative costs incurred, let alone the loss of productivity and sales. One month free service would be a nice consolation from Sunflower, to whom we pay dearly for the service.

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Parents to consider walking school bus

Growing up in O.P, KS, we walked 1 mile to grade school. It was a straight shot and we lived the farthest. Starting in first grade, my mom walked us to the end of the first block, another mom or dad met us with kids from that neighborhood and, at the second block, my mom "handed us off" to Mom #2 (who by the way had the same disciplanary rights as my own!) ... Mom 2 handed off the growing gaggle of grade schoolers to Parent 3, a block at a time ... at the end of 12 blocks, we were at school and there was no burden on anyone and we were protected every step of the way. The idea of a "stipend" is ridiculous and wasteful ... forget about it ... what kind of entitlement thought is this anyway ?

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City panel gathers information about transgender issues

Agreed! What happened to good employees simply being good employees who had the appropriate skills and attributes for the job? I know a fellow who wasn't hired because he has all sorts of scary looking tatoos and a job he applied for involved contact with the general public in a way that the employee needed to be relateable to all sorts of potential customers. This persons solution was to find a job where it didn't matter. Who wants to work at a job that is not appropriate for them or the employer ? This is a LOSE-LOSE, not a WIN-WIN. Should the employer be forced to hire them anyway? I sure hope not ! Fred Flintstone was denied a job at an aspririn bottle filling plant because his fingers were too fat. so he got a job at the rock quarry. Are you listening City Commission? Please don't waste our resources on one more minute of this. Instead, how about come by and fix my storm drain that's collapsing into the hole.

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City panel gathers information about transgender issues

Good Grief. Do city staffers and the commission have nothing better to do ? What's next, special status for lefties, goat ropers and pickup truck drivers? Not wanting to discount the seriousness of the discrimination that some are apparently experiencing but there is a place where there is no discrimination of any type in any way. It's called "self employment". Start a business of your own and hire yourself. In KS you don't even have to register a DBA or fictitious name with the state. Just do it. Build your own thing. Oh, but that presents another problem more serious than the first: you can't hire anybody you want to because you've helped create rules that won't allow you to do that.

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Humane Society seeks goods for garage sale

East Hills is a huge place ... any idea exactly where 3813 is ? Also, is the sale itself at East Hills or at the Humane Society location on East 19th Street ?

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Company donates medicine to program

Hopefully, Heartland Medical Clinic will be in line to receive some of these drugs ...

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