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Statehouse Live: Brownback will speak at Lied Center tonight on taxes, economy

How about attending to hear what the man has to say first hand before deciding if it's workable or not ? Just sayin'.

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Faith Forum: Apart from the Bible, what’s your favorite faith-related book?

The Light and the Glory by Peter Marshall ... an amazing American history that contains facts you may never have known. The title comes from a letter written by John Adams to his wife, Abigail, within a few hours of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. He stated:"I am well aware of the toil and blood and treasure that it will cost us to maintain this Declaration, and support and defend these States. Yet through all the gloom I can see rays of ravishing light and glory. I can see that the end is worth more than all the menas.". The subtitle asks the question " Did God have a plan for America?" ... Read the book and decide for yourself. Even if you're not a Believer, this account of those brave people who came to the new world is amazing, especially so if you're considering a trip to Cape Cod.

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Taking a look at restaurant violations

Where is Angler's/The Orient/Oh Boy Chicken on this list? Not inspected in the first 6 months of 2012 ?

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Only in Lawrence 2012

It seems unusual that in such a well researched portrait of Lawrence that not one business owner is given mention for providing jobs or goods or services or meals or entertainment or opportunities or leadership or benevolence except the owner of a "gentlemen's" club. What's up with that LJW? Are there no identifiable business owners among us who have earned sufficient "recognition and respect of the community" to be included in this group ?

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Town Talk: Activity heating up on possible public-private rec center; Housing Authority exploring partnership on affordable housing development; city starts planning for March Madness

Such a facility already exists in Lawrence and is called Gametime Recreation. Located in the old FedX building at 28th and Haskell.

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Eudora mayor asking Brownback to install median cable barriers after deadly crash on K-10

If memory serves, at the time the "new" K-10 was conceived and designed, the speed limit in Western KS was still 80 mph. It was speculated that the mechanical attributes of cars would continue to improve to the point that 100 mph would be common place. ( of course flying cars were going to be next !). I remember hearing that "new" K-10 was designed for 100 mph traffic ( curves, width of median, shoulders, etc. ) . What wasn't considered is the human skill factor required for 100 mph traffic. High speed in Western KS by experienced drivers is one thing. HIgh speed by High School age students and DUI drivers commuting between Lawrence and JOCO is another. Increased enforcement AND cables seem the prudent solution on the K-10 Autobahn. People pass on the left shoulder out there and ride your bumper so closely you can see how straight their teeth are ( and how many fingers are being held up ) no matter how fast you might be going.

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Boy Scouts to pick up food drive donations

Scouts will be going through neighborhoods this coming Saturday leaving reminders on peoples doors ... it's amazing how much food is collected during this event ! ... our second time particiapting ! ...

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SLT opponents appeal federal court ruling

We should build a one mile long, 4 lane low bridge over the affected areas and let the frogs and happy spirits coexist with the growing need for this extension ... problem solved ... the river rises, the beavers are happy, the geese still fly in, the turtles still swim around ... tear out the old 31st st roadbed as a consolation and POOF, the wetlands just expanded to Haskell's back door ... how about it road engineers ? ... this works in the Florida Keys, why not in Lawrence ?

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Lawrence to purchase GPS system for trash trucks and other city vehicles

Throw money, City of Lawrence. Hire another out of towner. Way to go ... sure glad we raised sales tax and parking meter fees to buy this kind of stuff plus to pay for those mighty fine new vehicles the meter readers get to ride around in now.

What ever happened to building a rainy day fund with extra revenue or LOWERING sales taxes if we have so much extra money to throw around ?

Next time they talk about the NEXT " one cent " tax hike, maybe voters will think differently. "One cent" sounded so insignificant didn't it ? Call it what it really is: 1 % = $1.00 per $100, $10.00 per $1000 ... How about an extra $ 400 on that new $ 40,000 car ?

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Town Talk: West Lawrence restaurant closes; Famous Dave's close to making announcement; Glass recycling at Farmland possible

Cutter's Smokehouse in Eudora has the best BBQ around ... ( Frontage Rd on South Side of Hwy 10 ) ... had some smoked meatloaf there for lunch the other day ... BIG portions ... mmmmmmm ...

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