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Two people killed in fiery K-10 car crash

i just drove by and channel 5 was making a u turn at wakarusa and clinton trying to go back to the scene. there were a ton of vehicles still there and there was2 troopers one when you come off of ten to clinton parkway and the other was half way down towards the next light. i didn't know what was happening till i got home and got on here. the fire people looked like they were packing up stuff but not putting it on the truck yet. oh and there is what looks like a dump truck on the highway by the exit to clinton parkway behind the baracades with it's lights flashing.

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Hard to fast

ha.... i wonder if someone wrote an article on the difference of your religion compared to another persons what you would say. seriously, i applaud them they are doing what many of you wouldn't do because it's too hard, especially for us soft americans. the thing is they are not allowed in any sense to put anything in their mouths from daybreak to sundown. this includes water, tic tacs, candy and medicines (unless medically needed to sustain life and health of body you are not allowed to take them, dry swallowing of pills that you need (heart pills, diabetic pills, etc) is preferred although a small amount of water is allowed for those who can't dry swallow) it is a sacrifice to so that. besides they are supposed to be emulating the poor and they sometimes don't eat during the day and dumpster dive at night at the close of the day at restaurants and grocery stores to get what people throw out. think about what you are saying if you did it for a month you would be bragging that you did it and how hard it was and that you don't want to do it again but they do it every year without fail, they don't brag, they don't complain about having to do it. it's their faith and they believe in it as much as many of you christians do.

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Power has been restored to Westar Energy customers affected by afternoon outage

i live on 23rd and kasold and the power came on around 7 according to my hubby. i went to my boss's house since i have a kid and it was getting hot in my house after the power went out.. i called at 4:30 to westar and they said that a substation blew and would be up between 6 and 6:30. liars and if the substation transformer blew over on 6th and monterey way my boss shouldn't have had power since he lives like 1 minute from the substation

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