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Early-morning apartment fire linked to recent arsons

i know the police has been by a bit and someone distributed the TIPS cards regarding the fires i found one on my door

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Early-morning apartment fire linked to recent arsons

OK, i live near there actually and at around 9:30-10:00 i hear a woman yelling at someone, i couldnt hear it clearly at first but this woman was scraming for someone "to get the hell out of her house and take their s*** and leave and dont come back." it sounded bad i almost called the non emergency line but meddling in stuff like that worries me. I don't wanna put myself in harms way by caling in and the police coming to my house asking questions and that puts me at risk.. Oh and not to mention the news van has been here in the neighborhood all day and it's rather annoying because the police presence is making me a tad worried because other complexes close could be a target. I also find it very funny that a fire was started in the complex that is

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2011 a year of closure for several significant crime stories in Lawrence area

i actually saw that wreck, it was a bad one. I think that people who are caught driving high or drunk should have their liscence immediately revoked and they have to be put on probation. there should be no tolerance for this kind of behaivor....

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Work on Sixth Street to cause major traffic problems; city warns motorists to avoid downtown Kansas River bridges

too hot to think outside a car, and these people could have planed this better. Really i moved back to lawrence for a shorter commute but now have to take a major highway I've only used to get to missouri on to get my kid to day care then go back to the turn pike to to work and repeat the process all over again. And to whom ever said they were working st night....really they started at 3 am yesterday morning that's morning not night and just because its dark out don't mean its night they are just creating a huge mess. Get the bridges back open and the street in front of city hall and we should be ok for a while but honestly an d- for the city and how they planned this mess out honestly they were on something when they figured they would shut parts of 6th down. I

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Culture in a day: Get a taste of the arts on one tank of gas

i agree with the first poster this cruel and abusive "artist" should not be mentioned at all. he admitted that when he was 25 he adopted a puppy and shot it filming it's slow death. he aptly named the piece of crappy film art "puppy shot". does LJ world condone this type of art??? i would hope not. while the Artist is good we should not forget how he came to have the acclaim and honor, the first public reaction to any of his art was that poor puppy dying. please remove the links and pictures that refer to this animal killer.

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When the tornado sirens go off, what do you do?

i go sit in front of the computer and tv by front of a window with a clear view if the skies

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Anti-police protest gets police escort

so if it wasn't sanctioned and they were decrying police brutality why didn't the police just let them get hit. maybe then they would realize what happens elsewhere while bad does not define all police. but at least the police were there to help them from not hurting themselves or others.

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Manufacturer to close Lawrence operation

i think it's a tad funny that there are more articles about progress vanguard now that people say they were screwed over. some of these people have been doing this forever and now the plant up and closes. it's hard to find a good paying job around here. the stimulus needs to be for the little guys not the big guys. bail out the families struggling to make ends meet, create jobs not short term jobs like repaving a road or building a building that is going to house people who are already working there. sorry i believe that if you help the little man the country will build itself back up because people are willing to spend money and stimulate an economy that they feel stable in. if they don't trust the economy to be stable they will want to save their money not spend it.

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Manufacturer to close Lawrence operation

my husband used to work for progress vanguard. key terms being used to. around nov. 2008 they got a letter stating that everyone would be out of a job on dec. 31st 2008 and that even management wasn't exempt from the layoffs. the employees who wanted to could relocate to gearing nebraska which is where they have a plant as well, quite a few upper managements relocated to that plant in nebraska.. they did loose a big contract but rumors of shutting the plant down started in the begining of )*. so needless to say this isn't a new story. most the progress vanguard people were laid off before the amarr people were. they started shipping out parts and machinery about 3 months ago making the plant a skeleton crew. the union that worked on the floor is supposed to get a settlement of 5 weeks worth of pay after the plant finally closes. but people were getting laid off what seemed like every day for the last 2 months so it doesn't really help those who got laid off before the plant was supposed to lay off the rest of the workers in having enough money to tie them over till they can recover from getting laid off. the company also filed for unemployment for the workers who can not relocate to nebraska, but some of them have not received their unemployment yet for some reason so they were advised to "file online".

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Businesses urge city to get tough on downtown panhandlers

doesn't damian sell computers and mow lawns. i saw somewhere someone named damian was selling stuff like that cause he couldn't get a job. i think he used to post on

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