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Former VP candidate Ryan to appear in Kansas for Brownback fundraiser

This is a good move on Brownback's part given that he has taken nearly all of the "spare" change out of the lower and middle class pockets to fund a tax break for the wealthy. He has to appeal to the few super wealthy in the state to keep funding his campaigns. They're the only ones with money to spare. Well played Brownback, well played indeed.

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Burt Hall razed to rubble to make room for KU Engineering campus expansion

Is Oread High the white building next to the Wesley Building near the scholarship halls and Smith Hall?

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House Democratic Leader Davis forms gubernatorial campaign committee

It'll be interesting to see how much money the Koch Brothers throw at this race. They, unlike Mitt Romney's campaign, have to know they are fighting a very difficult battle. Most Kansans have seen the ramifications of Brownback's legislative agenda, and the ramifications are not good. The only way Brownback wins is through the blind faith of the ultraconservative Republican base, smear tactics, and an inexhaustible Koch-Brother-funded war chest.

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House Democratic Leader Davis forms gubernatorial campaign committee

Or they might not vote at all. And that *could* be enough.

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House's top budget writer says legislators will have lots of questions for higher education officials

There is something ironic about his disdain for people that "toe the line" given the Republican Party cherishes people that toe the line in accordance with their platform.

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Bullwinkles bar gets new owners, complete renovation

By August 22? There is a lot of work to do! Good luck Joe. And thanks for investing in Lawrence's history.

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Abortion group sees special session as opportunity

The Republican Nanny State is out of control.

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City renews threat of eminent domain at dilapidated East Lawrence property

For Brain Barland to claim that their family is concerned about the fate of the preservation of the house is a joke. If they cared about the preservation of the house, they would have not let it deteriorate to the condition that it is in. The family is trying to milk the prospective buyers for all the money they can get. The family needs to sell it to the highest bidder and let the new owners deal with the preservation of the house. It is time to move on.

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Charles Koch plans $200,000 media ad campaign in Wichita

I wish I could buy a 2 second commercial to air right after their commercials. All it would be is a black screen with NOT in white type, cause surely everyone will want the punchline to their joke.

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City set to approve final details of Ninth and N.H. hotel project; construction to begin next week

The questionnaire is not that big of a deal. Why are people upset about it? Would you rather the LJWorld be put behind a pay wall? I'd rather click a mouse for a fraction of second than spend money. Kudos the the LJWorld for figuring out a relatively non-obtrusive way to make money and not from my bank account.

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