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State report shows safety, security problems in sexual predator treatment program

deec - Incarcerate or commit, same difference. It means confined, and the longer the better. Sexual predators cost society too much time, money and effort trying to rehabilitate them and their victims for life. In addition to those they have preyed upon and violated, consider the monumental emotional toll they inflict by the nature of their deviant behavior. The families on both sides, neighbors, teachers, co-workers etc., and the answer to your question is: until they turn to dust.

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State report shows safety, security problems in sexual predator treatment program

Every time one of these perverted deviants decides to verbally or physically abuse an employee, they need to have more time slapped on to the sentence. Maybe if they start rotting they will consider the big picture. The longer they are incarcerated, the better off society will be. Especially the children and the weak that they prey on.

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Police investigating U.S. Bank robbery on 23rd Street

Pajama pants and a Gilligan hat.

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Longtime art glass business in jeopardy after city declares studio uninhabitable

If a business can afford to take off and close down for summer, maybe they could afford to move. It sounds like they will have lots of help and a good future if they can get the right space. Maybe expand and be better off in the long run.

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New website to inform Kansans about Obamacare

chootspa - These are individual policies that I pay for. I don't have insurance through my work because I don't work enough hours to qualify. So based on what I pay myself for my own insurance and that of my minor child, The Affordable Care Act is not exactly affordable for the average working person. Even if they are healthy. So far a lot of hot air is all it amounts to. I think people will slowly begin to understand this.

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New website to inform Kansans about Obamacare

No help for the healthy, working middle class. A teen and a 51 yr old with no previous diagnoses and on zero medication. Based on income we would pay $420 per month with a $25 tax credit. We currently pay $422 total for these two individual policies to Blue Cross.

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Lawrence city commissioners narrowly approve ban on porch couches

Move your couch to the yard and your beer pong table to the porch.

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World-renowned performers wow downtown Lawrence

I think SUV's are a menace. You pretty much just have to say a prayer and inch out when you leave because there is no hope of actually seeing another vehicle or pedestrian coming.

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Police planning DUI checkpoint in Lawrence Friday night

I talked with a person yesterday who had been hit by a drunk driver. I knew she was disabled but I didn't know why. She told me her story of being in ICU for weeks and then in a nursing home for 2 months and finally a rehabilitation unit. She will suffer for the rest of her life because of her body being crushed by a drunk. She showed me pictures. The one picture that she said really stood out to her was one at the scene of the wreck. Her car was mangled. The drunk's vehicle was on top of hers. The drunk was sitting on the side of the road not injured. It was his 3rd drunk driving offense. So I guess the law can't really stop a drunk that drives. They can at least get them off the road at the time of the stop if they are impaired.

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Lawrence joins in nationwide vigils for Trayvon Martin

A high school civics class could have delivered a better defense than the prosecutors for the State of Florida. The death of this young man is being protested as a murder. And the jurors were wrong they say. And justice has not been served they rant. It's all quite pathetic and will surely go down in history as such.

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