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Health care providers raise concerns about KanCare

Or highly trained specialists that don't have to sell out. They are the ones that the other doctors refer their patients to when they aren't sure what to do. They usually have hospital privileges with at least one hospital, sometimes more. But they aren't owned by a hospital.

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Health care providers raise concerns about KanCare

Only private practice physicians have that choice. The polite way to say it is "We are not contracted with your insurance."

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What does the Affordable Care Act mean for you?

My daughter and I both have existing individual policies. I recently found out that some ACA benefits won't be allowed on an existing policy. Those policies are considered "grandfathered in" and if you have had the policy for years, certain benefits may not apply. So basically the insurance companies are still doing what they want to and finding loopholes wherever they can.

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Neighbor questions church's use of school

Some people should just grow up and not worry about what goes on Sunday mornings in the building if it doesn't involve them. It might be a public school, but it is also a public building. I doubt that this complainer even has a child. If the person did, they would have more important things to worry about than a sign.

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Peekaboo! Jack-o'-lantern dishes bring Halloween to the tabletop, tastefully

I think the pumpkins are beautiful this year. Good color, shape and size. Even though we don't really need them for 2 or 3 weeks. 3 for $10 at Checkers.

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Lawrence Memorial Hospital braces for cuts from Affordable Care Act

Congratulations to all the nurses that will be retiring this year. You won't have to worry about budgets or staffing issues.

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Will young, healthy people purchase insurance under the Affordable Care Act?

Well and then even after you pay hundreds of dollars a month for health insurance, you still have to meet that deductible before many services will be covered. Most offices will run your insurance and expect payment when you check out if you haven't met the deductible. Then that out of pocket charge will be applied to your deductible. And there could be an office co-pay on top of that. Many people still can't afford health care even if they have insurance.

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Bike MS rides into Lawrence

I noticed this morning that the signs were still plastered on light poles at the intersections once you hit east Lawrence and for miles east of town before you get to Lawrence. There aren't just a few signs that a "lazy" citizen should take down. There are literally probably a hundred signs along the Douglas County part of the route. It is rude. I appreciate their dedication, but an organized event of this caliber should be more considerate of the trash they string out over the countryside.

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Bike MS rides into Lawrence

I hope the organizers go back and retrieve of all their signs this year. They did not bother to do so last year. There were signs still up on N 1500 and between Eudora and Lawrence for weeks last year. There were a couple left for several months.

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