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Kansas regents tell universities to get creative with funding

KU does its best to attract out of state students -- the Jayhawk Generation scholarship is being done for exactly that purpose.

However, KU already does attract an incredibly large amount of international students because of the Applied English Center. Most schools require a high TOEFL (English proficiency test) score for admission. However, KU does not, and if an international student were to not score high on the TOEFL, he or she would be required to spend one or two (sometimes more!) years taking exclusively AEC classes in order to reach academic English proficiency.

During that time, KU takes in a TON of money from these students. KU is creative when it comes to out-of-state and international students in the form of the Applied English Center and the Jayhawk Generations scholarship program.

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Russian university delegates discuss impressions of government, people while visiting Lawrence

I just mean that their news outlets do not get caught in the debate of what is or is not right, but just presents things fairly objectively, though sometimes with a slant of how it might affect Russia and world markets of course. Lords knows the Russian media doesn't/cannot cover Russian politics objectively, but it seems to keep a detached view of petty party vs. party politics, which hardly any American outlet is able to do.

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Russian university delegates discuss impressions of government, people while visiting Lawrence

Russians are actually very concerned with American politics and economics. Russian news casts and newspapers always have a very large amount of American news in there. I'm not sure if most Russians know MORE about the budget crisis, but many Russians in the cities and suburbs do pay close attention to these things.

Plus, their media outlets probably have a much better perspective on American politics and economics than most popular news sources here (Fox/MSNBC/CNN)

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Wichita man petitions state to keep President Obama off Kansas ballot in 2012

Let us juxtapose two quotations from here and let them speak for themselves:

"Shultz questioned the validity of Obama's certificate of live birth, and said Obama's supporters have spent a lot of time and money to smear those who question where he was born as racists or so-called birthers."

"But Shultz said it was peculiar that a "mulatto baby" was born and yet no one from the hospital remembers the occasion. "That was not a common occurrence. It would stick in someone's mind," he said."

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More Ann Coulter Science...YES!

Hank Williams Jr. sucks

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Statehouse Live: Panel vote maintains law allowing in-state tuition for some undocumented students

If you can't think of it in a way that regards compassion and humanity, think of it from a purely economic standpoint:

Is it cheaper to educate children, or leave them on the streets with nothing to do all day, likely turning to crime, and unable to be remotely productive citizens without a HS education? The tax dollars that go to education are minuscule compared to the alternative.

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KU law, business schools' rankings drop in latest U.S. News graduate programs report

They haven't all dropped. The Slavic/Russian dept is still tops in the country -- right up there with Wisconsin, Ohio St, and UCLA for best of all public schools. Architecture is also very, very solid.

That said, humanities aren't valued as they maybe should be, and people put way more attention into the rankings of professional schools. I suppose that's the way that the tertiary education system is moving in the US, but there are still some very strong depts at KU who are holding steady or moving up, e.g. the English dept is rising in prestige, for sure.

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Kansas legislator suggests using hunters in helicopters to control illegal immigration, likens immigrants to feral hogs

I've lived in Southeast Kansas almost my entire life. That is not how people from SEK speak. That is how racists who have no regard for human life outside of their own skin color speak.

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Brownback cool to idea of removing in-state college tuition option for children of illegal immigrants

For all we know, parents of citizens could be working cash jobs and not paying their taxes. The whole point is not to punish kids who have no choice in the matter of where they live. The world is not black and white of "good legals vs. bad illegals." People who say that they should go back to Mexico (or China, in some cases) for school are nowhere near reality: most of these kids have never been to their "home" country, and may not know any language except English.

Plus, KU wants more 4-year undergrad students. The Kansas taxpayer will not have any burden at all with these kids getting instate tuition. Why do people want innocent 17-year olds to suffer and to be uneducated, simply because of blind hatred of illegal immigrants and their political views?

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Brownback cool to idea of removing in-state college tuition option for children of illegal immigrants

Because these are kids who have NO CHOICE in the matter of where they live. They know no other home, have gone to Kansas high schools, and have parents who pay Kansas state taxes.

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