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U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder touts bill that would make research more available during KU visit

This is a terrific idea and shouldn't be a (R) or (D) issue--it's an issue of open, honest scholarship and KU should be proud to be a leader in the Open Access movement.

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House delivers mammoth tax cut bill to Brownback, who says he is prepared to sign it

Do you not realize that Brownback's plan will cause this 2.7 billion deficit? Maybe you needed more liberals in your life to teach you how to read.

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Heard on the Hill: Student fees to be discussed soon; rec center looking for a name for its climbing wall; business ethicist to speak on Thursday

"No major hikes are expected, the newspaper reports, but the fees have been creeping slowly upwards for some time.

In fact, the Kansan reports that fees have gone up 13 percent since the 2007-08 school year, when they were $377.75 per semester, to today’s $428.95."

This is misleading, as they haven't gone up since the 2007-08 year. They've been at 428.95 steadily since then.

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So to speak: KU has high number of language offerings

Good luck finding free market options of learning Uyghur, Slovene, or Kyrgyiz.. If you are referring to Rosetta Stone, it's worthless for anything other than the basic levels of language comprehension and use. Academic language instruction may be a bit slower-going at first with the fine points of grammar being taught, but it gives the tools to student to creatively use the language after they learn its morphology and syntax and not just set phrases you would learn with computer programs like Rosetta Stone.

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KU officials say they're concerned about declining enrollment; fewer students on campus this fall

Student fees haven't gone up for two or three years. In fact, they actually went down a bit a few years back.

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Kansas University changing scholarship offerings for incoming freshman

Dead on. KU does offer a lot of scholarship through departments and professional schools, but the 4-year retention rate is absolutely in the gutter for KU right now and this is a big effort to boost it.

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Statehouse Live: Regents approve Kansas University tuition increase

Actually, I looked up Ashford instead of Ashworth.

Oh well.

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Statehouse Live: Regents approve Kansas University tuition increase

People who advocate for and run for-profit schools like Ashford are subhumans. Ashford is nothing but a diploma-mill that offers absolutely no education of merit, while contributing to the growing education bubble largely manufactured through scam "educational institutions" that are predatory upon low-income students looking to improve their lives.

"As for-profit colleges have come under increasing scrutiny, a recent Senate report revealed that Ashford has one of the highest withdrawal rates of any publicly traded school in the industry. Ashford has also been faulted for its recruiting and finance practices in a recent Department of Education audit."

The stock of Ashford's parent company, Bridgepoint Education, fell the most in almost five months when the misuse of federal student aid was first publicly disclosed in 2009. When the official results were released in 2011, Senator Tom Harkin said this audit 'reveals the same troubling pattern of for-profit colleges' taking advantage of students and taxpayers.'"

Senator Harkin took issue with the fact that despite such growth of the company, student success was lacking. According to information provided by Senator Harkin in the committee hearing, 63% of students who enrolled at Ashford University during the 2008-2009 school year withdrew before completion of their perspective program. Senator Harkin pointed out that Bridgepoint recorded more than $216 million in profits in 2010; of which 86.5 percent of its revenues come from federal funds. In reference to the dependence of Bridgepoint on public funds, Senator Harkin was quoted as saying, "I think this is a scam, an absolute scam."

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Kansas regents tell universities to get creative with funding

KU -- like all large public schools -- uses things such as recreation centers and campus beautification in order to attract students to the university. Plus, the rec center is paid for from student fees.

As for productivity requirements, do you have any more specific criticisms? Most faculty have their time stretched out pretty thin between research, writing, and teaching already. The same goes for criticisms for the Chancellor -- what specifically has she done that you disagree with? The criticisms you seem to have with her are general criticisms with how all large public schools are run.

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