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Free State High School's Lynne Renick named as Lawrence Secondary Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Renick is by far one of the greatest teachers I have ever had. I am graduating from college this year, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to take her class in 9th grade. I derived my writing skills by taking her vigorous course, and the knowledge I acquired in that one year has helped me tremendously over the years.

Thanks for the knowledge & making it fun! Congrats - this award is well-deserved! (Now I hope I have no grammar mistakes in this post...)

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Do you eat tofu?

ma po tofu...delicious. try it @ encore cafe!

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Free State student contracts viral meningitis; illness not as serious as bacterial strain

And it says, "...a preliminary diagnosis a week after a player on the school’s freshman football team had come down with the same sickness." That was at SW Jr. High, not LHS or FS.

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Benefit concert aimed at helping injured teen

I don't know why the event details say it starts at 10pm, but doors do open at 7pm. Admission is $3.

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Person injured in fall from third-floor balcony

Well first off, Erica wasn't even driving in the car accident, and no one even positively knows what caused the car accident.Second off, Sean and I have grown apart a lot through high school, but he is still someone I've known for pretty much all my life, and who I will and do care about. People make bad judgments and make mistakes. It's just unfortunate that my friends were the ones that were injured from acts that probably occur often but other people walk away from. It doesn't help to make fun of the situation and talk badly because if anything, everyone is learning from these accidents, and it's horrible that something so tragic has to happen to make people learn. So don't judge me and try to warn me of my friends or people I care about.

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Person injured in fall from third-floor balcony

thank you shutuporstepup.I've gone to school with Sean since elementary school, and he is one of the most genuine people I know. He always has a smile on and is always befriending people and isn't afraid to acknowledge someone he might not even be that close to, but who he still knows. Please stop talking badly of him and joking of someone who is suffering. It's incredibly disrespectful to him and everyone that knows him. My other friend was in the horrendous car accident earlier this week, and now Sean and her are both in critical condition in the hospital. As much as their friends try to ignore your comments, they're extremely hurtful because we read the articles and the comments over and over for a sense of support from anyone. So please stop, and please keep our friends in your thoughts in a positive manner.

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