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One of the best shops in LFK. Awesome gifts for awesome people, including yourself. Plus: ART!

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Just went the other day, tried a couple of the paneer dishes. Tasted like it was cooked homemade from scratch. So delicious !!

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These guys are great! This charming store will nurture your inner (or outer) geek. Also a great place to buy a gift for that special comicbook/Magic card/gamer/Dr Who fan in your life. Helpful staff and great events makes this place a winner

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Agree with the previous reviews. The selection is terrific - you can find just about anything here. On the Rocks rocks!.

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Meredith Burke: These store hours are wrong. Drove all the way dow...

Thanks meredith_ks for bringing this to our attention - we have updated the store hours - Adrian Jacobs, Lawrence Journal-World

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misanthrope222001: DON'T GO TO GAMENUT! Especially the one on Iowa. I...

I want to say that I frequent Game Nutt and have always had a great experience. Staff has always proactively helped me and has always been very knowledgeable and accommodating. I've never had any problems, and the pricing has always seemed quite fair.

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Tanishatr: Hey there just required to present you a fast head...

thanks Tanishatr, we've been noticing this too. We've been working on it and have fixed some stuff with Chrome and IE8, but some platforms may still need tweaks. I run tech for Lawrence Marketplace and if you ever want to send me more details directly I'm at ajacobs@ljworld.com. Thank-you, really appreciate the report!

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wendywantto: These guys are a joke. They have no formal cellph...

By the way, I don't think the Wireless Restore was even open yet at the time of wendywatto's original review. So maybe they're confused?

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