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KU fans celebrate Final Four win

Check out my pics/video from last night on Mass Street! Party pics galore, soon to be on!

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Lawrence residents on both sides of adding gender identity to anti-discrimination policy speak out

My transgender ex-boyfriend received daily harassment on the job over his gender. Sure, most of his coworkers were fine many even really supporting of his gender change, but he had one coworker threatening him on the daily, he later threw him up against a wall and threatened to punch him for using the men's room. At this point my boyfriend, with a FULL BEARD, would've probably been discouraged from using the women's room. What was he to do? Where would you like him to pee? His employers had nobody to turn to for advice on how to best advocate for him. Instead the harassment continued and my boyfriend eventually felt forced to walk away from a good job.

How is it that Manhattan, KS and Wichita, KS have transgender protection before Lawrence? Liberal college town, my ass.

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