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Heard on the Hill: Wired magazine takes on KU mural; Newt Gingrich likes KU's Natural History Museum; reporter says good-bye

Many thanks, everyone. I got enough kind words on Friday to last a fellow a long, long while.

You all rock.

Andy Hyland

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City leaders get clearer picture of rec center

Hi, folks. I called Ernie this morning to make sure I understood his comments, and he told me that I had his statement correct, but added he was speaking about youth volleyball leagues, where Lawrence is lacking in comparison with other communities. You are correct in that adult leagues have been around for some time. I should have made that clearer in the story, but am glad we got it cleared up here.

Andy Hyland
LJW Reporter

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Heard on the Hill: KU Cancer Center director touring state; universities across country take sides on Chick-Fil-A issue; KUMC beginning to use new Google Fiber service

Good point! He's been mentioned a lot... but certainly not enough to merit one-name status like Pele or Madonna!

Thanks for pointing it out. I'll fix it shortly.

Andy Hyland
LJW Reporter

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Mother charged in child’s death


That one was my fault. I made an incorrect assumption, and a sloppy one indeed. Thanks for pointing it out.

Andy Hyland
LJW Reporter

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Heard on the Hill: Huron Consulting faces $1M fine; records request focuses on Strong Hall renovations; KU grade distributions available online

I believe what has been done in the past is section-by-section grade distribution data has been made available for courses with 10 or more students enrolled in them. Anything lower could run afoul of the privacy laws that you cited, kuguardgrl.


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Heard on the Hill: Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity in more trouble in Calif.; KU officials sell the institution across the state; KU researchers find new markers for autism spectrum disorders

Yikes! I think you've got a solid point... especially kind of embarrassing for me in that I've been slightly misunderstanding one of my "favorite" words for awhile... I mostly meant it in the sense of to wander about, but that's not really quite right. Thanks for steering me straight.

Andy Hyland
LJW Reporter

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A KU license plate in Missouri? It could happen

Yup! Here's some more info from the KU Alumni Association.


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