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Temperatures hit 111 degrees in Lawrence, just shy of all-time record

Cable6 also cites aug 14, 1936 at 114 degrees.

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Disturbing tie

The Lawrence St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that not only organizes the St. Patrick’s Day Parade but its many dedicated volunteers raise funds to support local charities that focus on the health, education, and welfare of young people in our community. The money it raises comes from generous contributions made by our friends and neighbors that support our causes. It is local money for local charities. Many of the wide range of charities we have supported over the years would not have survived or been able to accomplish their projects without our support.

Your implications that your donation to enter the 5K Run somehow supports the city or the “city’s” parade are incorrect. Your assumption that you would be required to go into the Flamingo Club is also incorrect. The registration the morning of the run will take place in the equipment building at 501 N 9th, which is owned by the Flamingo Club. The parking lot will be the starting and ending point of the run. There will be a free breakfast available inside the club for those who are interested and participate in the run but there will also be fresh fruit and drinks available outside for participants. You are in no way obligated to eat or go in.

Your statement that the Shamrock Shuffle 5K Run centers on the Flamingo Club is also incorrect. Our run centers on the Kansas River levee. There are only a limited number of facilities in North Lawrence that can accommodate 700 or more people, parking, and reasonable access to the river, not to mention breakfast and shelter.

Due to the construction at the Kansas Turnpike’s bridge and at the Bowersock Dam our access to the levee is limited so; the decision to move the venue was made. The owner of the Flamingo offered his facilities free of charge to support our cause. For you to disparage those who donate and discourage others from participating is within your right of free speech but misses the point of charity.

Neither the kids, nor anyone else will be exposed to anything inappropriate. Wes has done and continues to do more for the community than some who are in a position to do more. He offers his place of business and asks for nothing in return. We appreciate him and glad he is there for us. We have some activities there and respect everyone’s right to participate as they are comfortable.

The number of entries we have received so far are on a pace ahead of last year when we had 617 runners. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeing everyone Saturday morning.

For more information about this event and the other activities sponsored by the St. Patrick’s Day Parade please visit our web site http://lawrencestpatricksdayparade.com or email: info@lawrencestpatricksdayparade.com

Roger Browning, Chair
Lawrence St. Patrick’s Parade

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St. Pat's committee names beneficiaries


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Unsung heroes

Thank you for the positive comments about the parade committee. To learn more about the St. Patrick's Day Parade please, visit the web site. http://www.lawrencestpatricksdayparad...

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Giving the green

Thank you for the positive comments. It is a hard working group of volunteers. For more information about the committee go to the website.http://www.lawrencestpatricksdayparade.com/

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Parade committee accepting applications

Visit the Lawrence St. Patrick's Day Parade web site for more information.


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Three charities split $50,000

For more information visit the website.

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Thousands go green on Irish holiday

for pictures, awards, and rules visit the website:

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