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On the hook for a rack; who's with me?

Typo or not, thanks. I'll be sure to collect from the better half.

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On the hook for a rack; who's with me?

Thanks! I'll be in contact with you about collecting later.

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The ring's the thing

Roe, that's funny.

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I'm having a breakdown, squared

What's a muffler?
Seriously, I parked, went back to pick it up and saw somebody else had dragged it into the grass. I was going to let it cool down and get it later to throw it away, but by the time I got back in town, it was already gone.

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Peace out, yo

Yeah, they're pretty good. I think I'll keep 'em.

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Life's little lessons

Sorry if I wasn't clear. We were already in the intersection as the car approached. We were so far into the intersection, if the driver hadn't yielded, he could have hit us. We did not reach the intersection simultaneously.

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Nice rack

I'm thinking a basic pole would do. Or maybe a cage?
Maybe Anna could chime in here?

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LHS, Free State baseball on opposite sides of regional draw

It was updated to include the Manhattan site. Sorry for any confusion.

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This space for rent

Every man has a price.
Have the Viagra people call my people, and we can talk.
Wait ... I don't have any people.

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Goodbye, old friend

Not sure if they take donations or not, but you could give them a call. If they don't take 'em, I bet they know who would.
Lawrence Re-Cyclery
731 New Hampshire
Lawrence, KS 66044

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