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Blatant bike bias

I have to disagree with you.
I didn't ask MOW to rearrange itself one bit. When I first contacted them, I expressed interest in delivering by bike and said logistically it would be easier and faster if I had a route by the hospital, where the meals are prepared, or somewhere between the hospital and my home.
Whether I deliver by bike or not, the MOW folks probably try to accommodate people geographically as much as possible. Had I been told the only available route was in, say, Eudora, that obviously wouldn't be practical by bike and I wouldn't have considered it.
I didn't ask them to rearrange anything, nor did I ask any existing volunteers to vacate their routes. I simply asked if there was a route that would be close to the hospital or my home and was told initially that shouldn't be a problem.
I realize organizations like MOW have limited finances and volunteers and had hoped to add to the available volunteer bank, at least.
And I didn't pass judgment on their work.
Had I been told meals need to be delivered within a certain amount of time to be safe, then the onus would have been on me to prove I could meet the deadline or, again, it wouldn't be practical by bike.
Instead, I was told something about not being able to handle the trays. I didn't ask them to change the way they package their food to accommodate me, and if I hadn't been confident -- thanks in part to the examples set by Austin and Portland -- that I would be able to haul their meals by bike, I wouldn't have pursued it.
I was confident that I could have helped them in their mission without either of us having to change the way we do things.

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Beware of the Phrog

Three words:
Tastes. Like. Chicken.

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Confessions of a crackhead

Thanks, Donnuts.
Didn't mean to come across as, um, negative or that other word. Honestly, I'd rather ride over crack-filled roads than cracked, deteriorating roads. But the squirm still freaks me out a little.
And, I've put a few miles on the trafficway myself. I recommend it highly, but watch out for where it crosses streets and driveways.
Truthfully, I can't complain too much about Lawrence roads/cycling, even if it appears to some that's all I do. And I didn't mean that as a complaint.

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Confessions of a crackhead

Ha! I've had the "SNAKE AHEAD!" fear, too.

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On the hook for a rack; who's with me?

Thanks for the pledge.
Friday, I found out RideLawrence wants to provide a rack for the clinic. So ... I'm going to wait to make sure the Rotary board agrees to pay for the rack. If something happens and that doesn't work out, I'll proceed with my plan. Otherwise, I'll rejoice in the fact that HCA is going to get its rack.
Thanks for all who offered to help. If the Rotary thing falls through, I'll be in touch about collecting.
I'll try to keep everybody up to date on what's going on.
Thanks again for all your generosity, and thanks to RideLawrence.

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On the hook for a rack; who's with me?

Gotcha. I'll be looking into PayPal soon.
And, thanks.

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On the hook for a rack; who's with me?

Of course it'd be appropriate. I was thinking ... stethoscope.
But, speculum is, um, good, too.

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On the hook for a rack; who's with me?

Thanks, tvc. Gotcha down.

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On the hook for a rack; who's with me?

Your secret's safe with me.
But out of the beer fund? Man, that's sacrifice!

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On the hook for a rack; who's with me?

Got you down. Thanks!

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