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Haskell basketball v. Baker

Sorry for the confusion, but it was at Coffin Complex at Haskell, not Collins Center at Baker.
And the story was online and in the paper.
It's available <a href="http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2013/dec/31/haskell-men-top-baker-72-62/?sports">here</a>.

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The greatest: Staff picks for KU’s all-time bests

My bad. I must have messed up with our electronic archive.
Here's a pic of the REAL Ray Evans.


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Two-wheeled stratification

Good question, Roe, though my teen daughter recently informed me she has no real interest in learning to drive (yay!) but wants a scooter (facepalm). She thinks they're "cool."

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Stupid is as stupid does — and hops and flies and …

Now, Roe, I don't want this to devolve (evolve?) into a dogs-vs.-cats debate.
So let's just suffice it to say,
Dogs rule,
cats drool.

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Scissors o' death

That's probably for the best. I was always taught not to run with scissors.

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Road acne

Bing bing bing. We have a winner!

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Like KU against Buffs, Mecham ‘got hot’

According to TVGuide.com, it will air at midnight Wednesday, as the story above says.
I think the confusion stems from the whole midnight/noon a.m./p.m. mixup.
Technically, midnight Wednesday is Wednesday morning, but to most people it is Tuesday night.
Whatever ... in this case the replay is on two hours after Tuesday night's 10 o'clock news.
Or ... just let Mr. Tivo handle it.

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Put a lid on it

I could embellish all I want. My wife would hear my story and not need any "I like your helmet" euphemisms to assure me that, yes, I am a dork.
And thanks for the link. I knew I couldn't be the only one to make that connection.

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Ride. Of. The. Year.

Nope, not a family name. It's just a name my wife and I (my wife) settled upon (she demanded) after lengthy discussion (yes, dear) and serious consideration (whatever you say). No, seriously, we just thought it sounded good, plus I think there might have been a pretty good third baseman by that name.
I don't own a saddle or a shoe of the same name, though I probably should.

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Blatant bike bias

Thank you, too, for a classy argument.
I won't belabor the point except to say, I thought it a good fit. Had I been told a bike-appropriate route would not be a good use of their limited resources, I wouldn't have had an issue with it.
I respect the folks of MOW and their mission and in no way am I trying to tell them how to do their jobs.
I simply figured, perhaps naively, that it wouldn't much matter whether I deliver by bike, Hummer or hovercraft, and I didn't try to get them to bend their situation to fit me. I initially asked if I could be fit into their situation and was told I could. Then I was informed -- politely -- that I couldn't.
In no way did I mean for this to reflect poorly on MOW. My overwhelming reaction to this is disappointment that I won't be able to help in the way I had envisioned -- and originally was told I could.

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