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March 26th Early Morning Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up

Eastbound on 9th between Emery & Michigan around 6pm last night. It was a crazy bad accident. My thoughts are with all those involved.

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Sound Off: I have observed large dump trucks traveling on Ninth Street between Iowa Street and Emery

I'm fine, but my German Girl gets a little freaked out when the lard a$#es turn east bound onto 9th and take out half her lane while she waits patiently to turn south onto Iowa. She was there first because her light was red. Little men drive big trucks to big buildings, but in the end they still have size issues & I hope the company they drive for has great insurance.

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Sound Off: I have observed large dump trucks traveling on Ninth Street between Iowa Street and Emery

I have also noticed the obnoxious dump trucks making the turn from Iowa to 9th like they are navigating a mini cooper...the operators must have "little man syndrome".

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100-year-old recalls life before highways, cars

You Go GIRL! Love this story...especially at 2 AM when I am seepless trying to figure things out. Thank You.

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Team Rubicon’s military veterans stand ready to help community

I am so thankful for this concept & execution. As a flight attendant I took 747's full of these boys to the Middle East. I also asked passengers to remain seated when we landed (on domestic flights) while we allowed one of our fallen soliders to be removed by military escort to be reunited with his/her family. Neither was easy.
So thank you again vets & active personnel for all you have done, will do,& continental to do to keep us safe.

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Man, 30, pleads guilty to child abuse charges; grandmother alerts police

I kneeled on rice (only because we were out of bottle caps), said as many rosarys as needed to make up for the number of minutes I left church before I was told to go in peace. That is not abuse, that is the price I paid, the consequences I faced for breaking the rules. When in Rome...but Rome is different today.

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Dogs and their families invited to Dogtoberfest 2011 Sunday in South Park

Will there be beer? I love be...I mean my dog loves beer & I love my dog.
It's Dogtoberfest every day on Free State's porch. I love to drink beer with my dog. Beer comes in cans...just sayin'.

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