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KU players' tattoos tell life stories

Wow, 12, insf...Judge much?

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Longtime physician and Lawrence attorney both file for seats on Lawrence City Commission

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Lawrence runners surprised, disappointed by New York City Marathon cancellation

Well, since all ya'll runners are in training mode, grab a shovel, head to Jersey or Queens and start clearing a path for trucks from the gas/electric companies to move in and restore power/rebuilding to people who have lived 5 days+ in the dark.
A work out you will never forget, I am pretty sure.
BTW 2/3 of Central Park is closed because of unstable old trees.

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Lawrence man arrested on animal cruelty charge

The dog should have gone for his jugular...just sayin'.

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Sound Off: Is it legal to make a left turn on a red light in west Lawrence?

Ohhhhh, Jesus, Mary, & Joseph help the person that asked that question. That said, I will have another splash & carry on.

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Driver accused of being intoxicated, other violations, while taking kids to school

Ohhh cr#p...Lawrence, KS is finally going to make

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New Policies at Dillons for Coupon Shoppers

...Or be the bomb like Checker's, and post your coupon policy on your website, as well as a tab with that title. It's there big as life right below weekly specials. No hoops to jump thru, no corporate mazes...
Thank you Checkers, I love you long time!

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Town Talk: New owner takes over Z's Divine Espresso; city pondering $2.5 million project to improve road for possible rec center; black-footed ferrets and Earth Day

...don't forget Java Break. Cartoons 24/7, comfy seating, nooks & crannies to study in, & Fruity Pebbles on the menu! Always a great cup o' joe!
Also, confused re:"unfriendly staff" comment at Z's. Spent time at both locations over the last 7 years & never witnessed it . You get back whatever you put out. Just sayin'.

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