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Anti-abortion bill expected to win final approval this week

scary. truly scary. If a woman goes to the ER because she's having a miscarriage, the police will be called to investigate whether or not there was intent by the woman in order to determine murder charges or not, and of a course a tox screen. unreal.

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Sweeping abortion bill approved by Kansas House committee

Yeah, manslaughter at minimum for miscarriage

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Sweeping abortion bill approved by Kansas House committee

This would also have an impact on fertility treatments in Kansas. Might have to go to surrounding states. My guess is that those doctor's aren't going to mess with zygotes and embryos that might not sustain, and get charged with murder.

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Horrible customer service. I won't be going back.

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Awful customer service.

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Brownback voices disapproval of Obama rule on contraceptives

I know several women in my life that use contraceptives for purposes other than birth control...such as to manage crippling endometriosis, or to balance hormones to prevent female balding from worsening. These hormone pills have uses beyond preventing birth. It's not exactly easy to just find new employment, especially in this economy.

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City band returning to South Park

Is the Children's Concert at 8:00pm also?

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Lawrence school district preparing to deal with $3 million loss

What about the teachers at Wakarusa Valley?

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Kobach testifies in debate over whether undocumented college students should continue to get in-state tuition rates in Kansas

You're talking about a system-wide change that WILL affect your pocket book. Want to talk about the price of food now? Are you willing to pay more for your food? Cuz it will cost you.

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