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Pedestrian struck by car

The city should study putting a crosswalk and stoplight like the ones at 12th & Tennessee around this intersection or a bit west on 9th. 9th street is too wide to cross safely and if you're trying to cross it's too far between the stoplights at 9th & Mississippi and 9th & Tennessee to expect people to walk all the way up or down the street to cross at a light.

I seem to recall several car-pedestrian accidents on this stretch of 9th. I see people running across the street to Jensen's liquor all the time and foot traffic should pick up once the new bakery opens.

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100 years ago: Lawrence residents vote for new bridge

sjgreen: Yes. The 1917 bridge was an open spandrel concrete arch bridge, a graceful type of structure that has fallen victim to rabid "value engineering" in highway projects. Ugly steel plate girder bridges are significantly cheaper (and weren't technically feasible in in the 1910's). The only state still building small scale concrete arch bridges is Oregon - they have a forward thinking highway department and a strong heritage of building architecturally significant bridges.

The "old old" bridge was actually several bridges cobbled together into one. I haven't found a solid date for the original construction, only that it began as a wooden truss in the 1860's or early 1870's. As spans flooded and collapsed, they were replaced with wrought iron or steel trusses. You can see some pictures of both the old and the first bridges here:

If you scroll down and look at the 1908 postcard, you can tell that the bridge is made up of several different types of trusses which were probably built at different times. I think that the spans on the left side were the original design and the ones on the right were probably replacements.

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Indian tribe that once proposed North Lawrence casino purchases large tract along interstate

Passing Probability & Statistics made sure I'll never gamble for the rest of my life but I'll happily watch my friends throw away good money while buying a couple drinks. It could be good for North Lawrence.

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Shopping continues on Mass St at Sidewalk Sale

This attitude is why the United States is in a downward spiral with no end in sight. Why support local business and craftsmen when it requires a little extra effort! Just sit in the motorized shopping cart at Wal-Mart and keep the cheap Chinese junk coming in by the container load.

Human beings existed for tens of thousands of years without air conditioning. People don't drop dead suddenly when the heat tops 100 degrees. I wonder how our grandfathers built America in the summer heat - the work simply couldn't have stopped when the mercury got above 95 degrees. I doubt they simply bought the wonderful buildings and infrastructure we abuse today at Kohls, Ross, etc.

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