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Have you ever purchased an original piece of art?

sgt..that was priceless.I have some Louis prints, signed by he himself. I feel honored. He was teaching my daughter once, and he met us at the car. He shook my hand. I didn't expect this of myself, but I will admit, afterward I surprisingly had the "OMG, I'll never wash this hand honored hero worship!!! syndrome. LOL.My daughter turned out a couple of great pieces, she LOST one of the best, small ones. Simple, but just perfect for a watercolor of some flowers in my garden. Everyone was just amazed at that one painting.GONE.Vohrmeer didn't draw me in, (it wasn't as much the art...nothing I can say good here)Anyone noticed the ants woke up this morning? *THEY'RE HERE*Slaps on computer table up against double casement windows. LOL tough brazen little communicative buggers, first house ever. I've sealed everywhere. Maybe the new outside paint job will stop them.

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KU cools heels

Yahoo news makes it sound like it was all about though the Jayhawks weren't present.I thought the game very representative of me playing any 8 yr old. Sure, I can shoot some, even 3 pointers, but *ANYONE* can steal a ball from me before I even realize I *HAD* the ball LOL.Amazing game, good job Hawks!

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See you Monday: KU to face Memphis in national championship

Charlton Heston died Sat night. I wonder if it was the game?

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Search called off

I bet the woman feels really confident about this decision.

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KU fans are celebrating in the streets

Heads up. I just got a text msg from someone who works at a big sports bar in Lenexa. People are leaving the bars in mass numbers, to drive here to go downtown. And I'm warned that "They are intoxicated!" Their bar is close to others, and it seems to be the "IN" thing to do right now, drive to Lawrence.

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Extra! Extra! Write the headline

Hawk's *FLY*, Tarheels cry.

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See you Monday: KU to face Memphis in national championship

Sweet!The big booms started here at the 1 minute mark.

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See you Monday: KU to face Memphis in national championship

screaming pounding feet, getting inhaler LOL

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If you were the gambling type, would you put your money on KU or North Carolina?

thanks weatherguy48.I had a feeling the money wasn't going to the drivers.Reminds me of the Starbucks lawsuit, where they were taking tips because the management, I think the shift supervisors, were also serving people. The law says management can not take a share of the tips, and that shift supers are management. To some baristas, this is going to mean $8,000 to $10,000 they get back, as I recall it said.

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