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What trees?

I agree 100% with Ms. Evans, and with good reason. They are not only cutting the trees - they are spreading disease from tree to tree. Several years ago, Wright came around and trimmed the trees in our yard using tools that they do not clean or disinfect on a regular basis. They came & hacked several limbs off of our beautiful American Elm tree in our backyard with those filthy tools and infected it with Dutch Elm disease. The leaves began to wilt, then turned yellow, and the tree began to die. Last September we had to pay over $2000 to have the tree removed. The arborist who diagnosed the tree said that it was probably 75 years old. The death of the tree meant no more shade on our house, which kept our AC bills managable, and drove away many birds - we have noticed a considerable decline in the number & variety of birds visiting our feeders. If Westar continues to trim trees using infected tools, Lawrence will soon have no trees at all. Could we at least convince them that their standards of practice are unacceptable? And I'm all for putting the cables underground, Ron - wouldn't that also solve the problem of the trees being in the way?

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100 years ago: First 'moving picture' to be made of Lawrence

FlintlockRifle, you can search YouTube - I found some vintage film of Lawrence from 1941 but did not find the one this discussion is about.

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Lawrence man charged with child endagerment after driving motorized scooter on Kansas River bridge

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Sound Off: When was the last time the Kansas men’s basketball team played in a Final Four in New Orl

Here's another interesting tidbit that someone posted on my Facebook wall: "The KU Men's Basketball team has only won championships (on the court) during leap years - 1952, 1988, 2008. This is a leap year also." Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Go KU!

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Sound Off: Does the city have a light ordinance that would prohibit someone from having an outdoor l

Ron, if your neighbor has a really, really bright outdoor light that shines right on your back bedroom window, curtains don't help. I have been wondering about this same issue since our back-door neighbor installed one of these lights. Believe you me, I have considered all the options on this list, plus sneaking over to the house in the middle of the night with a screwdriver & a monkey wrench to make some "adjustments."

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Travis Releford keeping eye on baby brother

He's not a baby - he's his YOUNGER brother. He's a college student, for crying out loud! Show a little respect, please!

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Handcrafted goodies to be featured at festival

I would have never known about this if I hadn't clicked on the link for the story out of sheer curiosity. I think they really need to work on their publicity for these events...

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MU guard adds fuel to rivalry

Five national championships or three national championships, we still have more than Mizzou. How many do they have? ZERO. They have never even been to the Final Four. So what about UCLA? All I have to say about that is Tyus Edney. And Kentucky, well, they will have to play them in the SEC, so instead of KU kicking their Tiger tails, it will be UK instead! Good riddance!

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Group calls for end to 'woo' in Rock Chalk Chant


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River City Jules: Tigers turn tail on rivalry

You took the words right out of my mouth and said them in such a nice way. Well done & thank you.

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