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Mariners' win hurts Royals' playoff hopes

My heart says we can make it but my brain is skeptical... At least we are in the race!

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High-speed chase ends with crash

Shaun Hittle & Adam Strunk, making allusions is not a crime. He was "eluding" police, not alluding. Doesn't the L J-W own a dictionary? Geez, I wish they still taught grammar & usage of the English language in schools nowadays...

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Mobile phone apps launched for website

How do we find the app in the App Store?

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Plan to raze McCollum Hall in the works

So, you went to KU but you don't know how to spell the word "identical?" And your grammar is atrocious. Did you go to the J-school? Maybe you should ask for your money back. Better yet, go buy a dictionary.

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Heard on the Hill: Hello from your new reporter

What happened to Andy?

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Anniversary plan

How's about you guys put some phone numbers or contact information so that interested parties can find out how to help? That would be awesome, thanks!

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What trees?

I agree 100% with Ms. Evans, and with good reason. They are not only cutting the trees - they are spreading disease from tree to tree. Several years ago, Wright came around and trimmed the trees in our yard using tools that they do not clean or disinfect on a regular basis. They came & hacked several limbs off of our beautiful American Elm tree in our backyard with those filthy tools and infected it with Dutch Elm disease. The leaves began to wilt, then turned yellow, and the tree began to die. Last September we had to pay over $2000 to have the tree removed. The arborist who diagnosed the tree said that it was probably 75 years old. The death of the tree meant no more shade on our house, which kept our AC bills managable, and drove away many birds - we have noticed a considerable decline in the number & variety of birds visiting our feeders. If Westar continues to trim trees using infected tools, Lawrence will soon have no trees at all. Could we at least convince them that their standards of practice are unacceptable? And I'm all for putting the cables underground, Ron - wouldn't that also solve the problem of the trees being in the way?

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100 years ago: First 'moving picture' to be made of Lawrence

FlintlockRifle, you can search YouTube - I found some vintage film of Lawrence from 1941 but did not find the one this discussion is about.

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Lawrence man charged with child endagerment after driving motorized scooter on Kansas River bridge

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Sound Off: When was the last time the Kansas men’s basketball team played in a Final Four in New Orl

Here's another interesting tidbit that someone posted on my Facebook wall: "The KU Men's Basketball team has only won championships (on the court) during leap years - 1952, 1988, 2008. This is a leap year also." Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Go KU!

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