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Ecumenical Campus Ministries offering tour of midcentury homes

It might have been nice to include the cost of the tickets. Thanks a lot - now I will have to call them just to ask how much the tickets cost.

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Would you like to see more or less development in East Lawrence?

Being an Eastsider myself, it sure would be nice to get a grocery store on this side of town. What about the 19th & Haskell commercial (southeast) corner? That could use some new retail establishments, or perhaps we could convert that shopping center to office spaces. Or, if it's not going to be used as is, raze it & build something else, like a grocery store. Other than that, I like what they are doing over here and support the East 9th Street corridor project 100%.

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KU's McCollum Hall comes down Wednesday in 18 seconds with 750 pounds of explosives

We will be watching from our building. Our third floor gives a great view of McCollum and Daisy Hill.

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What was your favorite thing about kindergarten?

My mom says that they tried to get me to go to another class (second grade, maybe?) for reading (because I could read already), but I refused because the time they wanted me to go was the time my kindergarten classmates were watching Sesame Street. So, I would say, watching Sesame Street, LOL!

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Mariners' win hurts Royals' playoff hopes

My heart says we can make it but my brain is skeptical... At least we are in the race!

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High-speed chase ends with crash

Shaun Hittle & Adam Strunk, making allusions is not a crime. He was "eluding" police, not alluding. Doesn't the L J-W own a dictionary? Geez, I wish they still taught grammar & usage of the English language in schools nowadays...

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Mobile phone apps launched for website

How do we find the app in the App Store?

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Plan to raze McCollum Hall in the works

So, you went to KU but you don't know how to spell the word "identical?" And your grammar is atrocious. Did you go to the J-school? Maybe you should ask for your money back. Better yet, go buy a dictionary.

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Heard on the Hill: Hello from your new reporter

What happened to Andy?

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Anniversary plan

How's about you guys put some phone numbers or contact information so that interested parties can find out how to help? That would be awesome, thanks!

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