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Brownback rejects Salina newspaper records request for 3rd time

Dorothy: State statutes require that the governor make the initial appointments to the new seats that are created when a county commission expands. Surprising but true. It's in Chapter 19, Article 2 of the statutes.

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Editorial: Good investment

William: That figure does deserve some clarification. According to Corrections officials, the actual cost of housing and providing health care and other services for an inmate is about $24,500 per year. However, because of the fixed costs of operating a facility, adding or subtracting a single inmate only makes a difference of $3,398 in the overall budget. That is, of course, unless the population is decreased enough to close down an entire facility.

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Editorial: Public process

The editorial indicated the man got an answer to his question, but the timing may not have been clear. The answer came after the public hearing was closed and after the board’s discussion of the budget. The fact remains that a detailed explanation of the budget was not offered until the night of the meeting, giving the public little opportunity to examine or ask questions about budget issues.

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Letter: Plague of apathy

It came in that way, but we should have caught it. Sorry!

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Volunteers honored by chamber, Leadership Lawrence

Actually, it's Douglas County Senior Services. Thanks for the catch.

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Editorial: Cooperative effort

Thanks for the update, Jeremy. We'll get that corrected.

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Editorial: Slow search

Jack: You're right that Vitter's hiring was announced on March 22, 2010, nine days before Anderson's hiring was announced on March 31, 2010. The point in the editorial, however, was that Vitter, who didn't start work at KU until July 2010, was not hired in time to participate in the hiring of the LAS dean.

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Legislative delays

A member of our legislative delegation advises me that a clarification is needed about the process by which the supplemental appropriation got held up on Friday. The measure fell apart when House conferees refused to sign the committee report. It never made it to a vote of the full House.

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Tuition clock

Thanks for the clarification, Jack. My understanding is that they can re-enter the program within the four-year period, but the compact tuition rate runs out after four years regardless of how many semesters they've been enrolled.

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Lots to like

Sorry not to reply on this sooner, but better late than never. Editorials aren't signed by an individual because they represent the opinion of the newspaper, not the writer's personal opinion. Editorials are composite opinions that meld ideas and often actual writing from more than one person. Hope that helps.

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