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Forgive loans

Don't worry Lillian. It's an uphill battle for college grads these days, but it's not impossible.

Couple things to help keep your chin up. For one, even with the debt, you're much better with a college education than you are without. If college is for you that is. There are some individuals who just don't do college well, and thus, shouldn't be spending their money on it. But for a vast majority of people, a college education drastically increases your future prospects. Study after study has shown this, so don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

The other thing is that there are more and more people in your situation. This leads to both an increased awareness of the growing disparity between the cost of education and income in the U.S. as well as wider spread acceptance of lenient repayment terms.

So it's true, you'll probably be paying back your student loans for a long, long time. But so will all of your coworkers and very likely your bosses too.

But I would not at all recommend giving up on your education. I incurred $20K for my education, and several years later, have barely made a dent in the principle. However, it was the smartest investment I ever made. It was a quintessential cushion for me during the economic downturn. I've been laid off twice since then by dying companies and I give all credit for a speedy turnaround to my educaiton.

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Where's Waldo, North Africa Style

He's hiding out with Carmen San Diego.

International investigators working in collaboration with NATO security forces report having spotted several V.I.L.E. henchmen, indicating that they must be on the right track.

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GOP may OK tax increase Obama hopes to block

"Now we want to continue a policy of not paying into the fund the legal contribution so the pay back will be even larger."

Which is why Dems also want to see a more progressive tax structure on the wealthy that contributes to the general fund. The Repubs oppose this. The Repubs do not have it right.

"the progressive tax system (except for the rich) will absolve the bottom half of the population of contributing to SS in full measure"

Democrat agenda is all about eliminating the "(except for the rich)" exception.

"More wealth redistribution from the middle to the so called 'poor'."

Why are the poor "so called"?

"Endless Democratic mantra 'tax the rich' but when the rubber meets the road they tax the middle."

Again, the Dem agenda is greater tax relief for those who need it the most, and elimination of tax relief for those who don't need it at all.

If there is rubber meeting the road anywhere, it is the rubber soles of the right wing of the GOP dragging their feet as they refuse.... refuse.... refuse... refuse.... refuse... refuse.... refuse... (annoying isn't it?)... to allow Democrats and moderate Republicans to work together and make sensible changes to the tax structure in an effort to craft a more equitable system.

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GOP may OK tax increase Obama hopes to block

None of the right wingers on here will acknowledge the GOP hypocrisy because the cognitive dissonance would melt their hive brain.

This could cause a chain reaction, travelling up their umbilical cords to Faux News headquarters and cause a complete and total meltdown of the right wing media machine.

Without an ubiquitous megaphone perpetuating the right wing ideology through a constant stream of slanted half truths and outright propaganda, the inflated echo chambers that house a significant population of gullible U.S. citizens would very likely collapse.

Forced to find their own voice, they would inevitably start voting for policies that actually benefit themselves, rather than the billionaire "business friendly" benefactors that have been supporting and enabling their NeoCon addiction for the last 40 years.

And then, of course, said billionaire benefactors would likely have their taxes raised, and would thus make fewer billions than they currently are.

Let me repeat that. Fewer. Billions.

Could you imagine?!?! This would be a tragedy of epic proportions. Tragic times 10 to the 10th power (i.e. times 10 Billion).

And that is why none of the right wingers on here will acknowledge the GOP hypocrisy.

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Brownback expresses confidence in private arts funding

"Brownback expresses confidence in private parts funding"

which explains this story I caught earlier today:

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City gives early OK to homeless shelter plan

justthefacts - amen.

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City gives early OK to homeless shelter plan

BTW I live one block away from the drop-in center. I was planning on playing music on my front porch tonight. Does anyone have a shotgun or a Manul I could borrow?

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City gives early OK to homeless shelter plan

NIMBY.... Shotguns.... Fierce animals.... lovely.Might I suggest razor wire. Electrification. If you can swing it, I hear those non-lethal microwave rays are pretty effective.Or you could take the less confrontational approach and just move them someplace far away where you never have to look at them.Then once you have succeeded in making sure everything in which you have invested your irrational fears could never dream of setting foot in Your Back Yard....... please stay there and never come out.I have to go now, there is a homeless person sitting next to me drinking coffee and reading a book. She might stab me any second.

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