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House approves concealed carry on campus

Great. Now if some crazy starts shooting, you'll have 20 people firing back? Not sure where in the room I would want to be... maybe in a different state at a different college where kids aren't allowed to bring their guns to class.

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Matthew Jaeger sentenced to nearly 9 years in prison

As far as LawrenceGuy's comments, to a certain extent I have to agree with him, although not regarding Jaeger's innocence. I leave the determination of guilt or innocence to a jury since I didn't sit in on the trial, and I'm certainly not one to judge guilt or innocence based on newspaper articles. So if the jury says guilty, then yeah, he's guilty. BUT, I do think LG is on to something regarding Jaeger's wealth.

I am disappointed to see comments about the "rich" kid, or judging his family, etc... because what parent wouldn't bail their kid out of jail if they could afford to? Every parent who hasn't been in the situation can think "not me," but I would call a BS on that until you've walked the walk. What parent wouldn't pay for the best defense money can buy if they could afford it? Same answer. As in all parts of life, the wealthy and their children have luxuries that others do not. Condemning and judging someone for their wealth and what they provide for their children with that wealth really only comes off as jealous and bitter.

In my opinion, the passion and hatred the comments have expressed throughout this case are disproportionate to the crime. I think there are two reasons for that. The first is Jaeger's wealth, which I have already discussed. The second is the nature and location of Bigg's injuries, which certainly makes this a horrific case. But, women are victims of domestic violence every day. Every day a woman is beat up, some days women are killed by acts of domestic violence. Was Jaeger's crime worse than murder? No, but you don't see this extent of hateful and passionate comments in a domestic murder case. And there has been at least one in Lawrence in the last 3 years! So why is that????

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Matthew Jaeger sentenced to nearly 9 years in prison

As far as Pedro goes, I think it is rather impressive and commendable that he took the case and worked hard for his client despite being an advocate for women and minorities. I would imagine most defense attorneys don't support the crimes their clients have committed, but defendants still deserve a trial or the justice system would fall apart. Is it easy to take on a case where the charges go against your moral system? Probably not, but he has chosen that path as a career and is able to set aside his personal life and beliefs for the advocacy of his client.

I would think a victim would feel more at peace knowing the defendant had a good defense and was still found guilty, rather than the possibility and excuse of a defendant only being found guilty because he had a bad defense attorney. We should feel grateful to Pedro for providing Jaeger with an excellent defense, as it offers more closure.

Did he make a lot of money on the case? Probably. But let's not forget that he isn't a volunteer or a public defender, but rather the best defense attorney a wealthy family could find. Why shouldn't he make a lot of money? And who (let's be real here) wouldn't want to make as much money as possible for a job they're already doing?

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Judge gives convicted rapist maximum prison sentence despite plea agreement

Maybe a plea never should have been offered. I sure don't know the circumstances of it all. What matters is that a plea WAS offered. What happens in the next case in front of this judge where a plea is appropriate, where the victim isn't willing to do whatever is necessary and just wants him to go to jail and move on with her life, but the defendant is thinking..."wait a minute, no point in taking a plea if the judge won't follow it"? There are a lot of reasons why pleas are a good thing. They tend to be beneficial to both parties, as most negotiations are. No one wants to negotiate out a deal if in the end you did all the giving and none of the taking.

Now what the article isn't clear on (maybe someone from LJ World can clear this up) is what charges he faced and what he actually pled to. It says at first he'll serve 14 years. I assume he pled to a rape charge? At the end it says they dropped the agg kidnapping, instead he pled to the "standard sentence", but the judge opted for the "agg sentence" of 165 months. So was he sentenced for rape and agg kidnapping, his original charges? Or just kidnapping, but the judge increased to agg kidnapping? Isn't very clear, and certainly that knowledge would make a difference regarding how far exactly the judge strayed from the plea.

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Judge gives convicted rapist maximum prison sentence despite plea agreement

Hurray for the judge? Unfortunately her decision discourages plea negotiations and agreements. While judges can always choose not to follow the plea, it is disheartening to see it done. Why should defendants accept a plea if the judge isn't going to follow it? Might as well take your chances at trial. Now, more cases will go to trial, which is about 100X more traumatic for the victim. A free for all during sentencing is not quite the the same as being cross-examined by a defense attorney in front of a jury.

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Rape or consensual sex?

Also, this whole "women aren't capable of consenting after they've been drinking but men are" thought process sets the feminist movement back about 100 years. If we want equal treatment we need to take responsibility for our actions and decisions and stop being "victims".

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Rape or consensual sex?

Being a female myself recently out of the undergrad and frat party lifestyle, I know that there is actually a movie about this topic. It is called "Coyote Ugly." When you wake up the next morning, have no idea what you did the night before, would rather chew off your arm then wake up the guy next to you, you sigh, shake your head, sneak out and make the infamous walk of shame. You don't go to the hospital, call the police and report a rape. Come on people, a girl can make a bad choice while she was drinking. Even though she was drunk when she "consented", it was still a choice she made. It is no different than a woman making a drunk choice to drive home after a night at the bars, except in that case women are held accountable for their decisions. Waking up in the morning, feeling hung over, mad at yourself, and regretting your decisions does not mean some guy should spend the next 20 years of his life in prison. Just shake it off and move on with your life.

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Three arrested, property considered dangerous after raid at property east of Lawrence


I don't know any of the people involved or what is going on, but I did just want to point out the obvious flaw in your argument... If these people have already been arrested and are being held, I don't think your family is any immediate danger from them.

If you're still worried that one of the men being held is a neighbor of yours, why don't you go ring your neighbors doorbells and make sure they haven't been carted off to jail? If they have been carted off to jail, then you can relax your nosy neighbor self at home knowing they are in custody and your family is safe. Or, if you want to be a good neighbor, you could bake their family a casserole and stop posting comments to the article as this is probably a tough time for them.

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Recap: KU pushes past KSU on its way to 20-1

I totally missed that last foul called on Judge. Pretty ballsy call by the ref to end such a close game on.

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Juror who committed misconduct in Jaeger trial won't testify in court

Showsumrespect--your posts are not coming off in the classiest way (and I can only assume they are worse than what appears as most of them have been removed). Not the best way to raise support for your friend.

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