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Brownback wants KDOT to reopen study of installing cable barriers along K-10 from Lawrence to I-435

Saw that accident yesterday. It wasn't actually a cross-over, but was just a few feet away from becoming one before the car got stopped.

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KU law student organizing animal cruelty prosecution clinic

The humane society helps set public policy for animal cruelty along with anyone else that gives input, including the ag folks. Tt is ultimately the legislature that makes the laws. (Just look at what has happened to MO's Prop B).

As far as your post relates to the clinic, this isn't a special private legal office, but rather a clinic at the law school where students will take a class in which they assist prosecutors in prosecuting animal abuse cases. They will not prosecute based on their own morals, but rather on the law as determined by the legislature.

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KU law student organizing animal cruelty prosecution clinic

KU Law already has a prosecution clinic where students volunteer with District Attorneys for general cases. I think the intent of this clinic is to offer one that focuses on animals. I can't imagine anything wrong with offering students the variety of choosing between a general prosecution clinic or animal prosecution clinic. That would be like saying that law students shouldn't have the opportunity to intern at a law firm specializing in business because it isn't as profound an issue as prosecuting criminals. Ridiculous.

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Rape charge prompts national fraternity to investigate local Delta Chi chapter

I'm a little surprised my last comment was erased my LJWorld, as it only pointed out that while no girl is at fault for being raped, just because a girl claims she has been raped does not mean that she has. In this sytem, we should all remember that a defendant is presumed to be innocent. That means that the prosecution must work their way through the case PROVING that it happened, and until they convince a jury of our peers to agree with them, the defendant remains innocent. The defendant does not have to prove anything. For that reason, a woman who claims to have been raped is called an "alleged victim" or a "complaining witness," as there is no victim if a crime has not been committed. To call someone a "victim" before a defendant has been found guilty ignores the presumption of innocence.

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Rape charge prompts national fraternity to investigate local Delta Chi chapter

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Judge rejects guilty pleas, sets trial for man accused of sexually assaulting young girls

Pleas are a great thing for the system, means fewer trials. Now these little girls are going to have to suffer through a trial on top of what they've already been through. Kittle seems to go over a lot of plea agreements between prosecutors and defense... just makes it less likely for agreements to be reached in the future.

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Lawrence husband and wife arrested in connection with rape of two girls

It'd be nice if at least some citizens could uphold American ideals though, a core being the presumption of innocence. People just get on here and start blabbing without thinking. Surely very few people support the concept of punishment based purely on an accusation without a fair trial. There are countries that opperate that way though...feel free to move to one of those and see how you like it.

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Drunken driver who killed Lawrence woman on bicycle sentenced to 6 months in jail

Seriously people, read the article. The defendant took a plea and the judge sentenced him within the sentencing guidelines. If you're going to rag on anyone, it should be the prosecutor who arranged the plea, not the judge.

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Machine failure blamed for knocking out KU website and e-mail; most service expected back tonight

Any more information LJWorld? Like when is it going to be back up?

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Rescue programs give pups a wing and a prayer

Lawrenceguy--its called multi-tasking. Usually they find pilots who are headed a certain anyway and send a dog with them since its no extra trouble for the pilot. The same type of program exists for truckers if they're headed the same way as a dog, they'll give the dog a ride. Think of it as carpooling. Not such a hard concept to understand.

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