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Cemetery tour shines light on Quantrill victims

Did this a few years ago, and it is awesome--not like any historical event I have ever seen. Katie Armitage usually does it, and she really makes it come alive. Didn't get a cance this year.

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Young athlete trades a life of crime for the opportunity to excel

What a terrific story. He certainly had to do things on his own after the environment he had lived in. Kudos for turning himself in. Here's hoping this kid gets a wrestling scholarship and keeps on going.

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Note to court: Effect is a noun; affect is a verb ... except when they're not

I am glad to see I am not the only one in this world that this particular grammatical error drives nuts. I was an English teacher, but I cannot believe the people in high positions that do not have the basic fundamentals of English. However, the one that REALLY drives me insane is when people use "insure" instead of "ensure," which is the correct form most of the time. Every one has a pet peeve. Oh, yes, periods outside of quotation marks will practically send me into a seizure.

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