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History buff wants to recreate cannon called 'Old Sacramento' used in sacking of Lawrence

OK, that makes more sense now. Also explains how Lawrence came to have it also.

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History buff wants to recreate cannon called 'Old Sacramento' used in sacking of Lawrence

I am not sure I see the connection between a cannon fired at Lawrence during a conflict and said cannon being fired during celebrations. Now if the cannon had been used to successfully defend Lawrence it would be a different story.

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Bedbugs crawl into Lawrence, creating costly concerns

Yup, it is the damn liberals that have caused the worldwide infestation mentioned in your second article, even though DDT is still legal in some countries...

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Lawrence police arrest four Topeka residents in connection with Monday morning shooting

Unfortunately it does not take much to be better than the TPD (not to degrade LPD).

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22 people arrested last weekend in Douglas County on drunken-driving charges

If you think your rights are being violated at checkpoints, just walk through one. No problem. Only those who are driving are stopped. Since everyone is stopped, there is no opportunity to discriminate. It is not "random." BTW, it is not unconstitutional to have drug/alcohol tests for jobs, metal detectors at airports,etc. If you drive, you are are accepting the risk of being stopped at checkpoints. Again, jobs, flying and driving are not rights!

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Man arrested on charge of aggravated battery of Lawrence police officer

Driver is lucky the officer didn't justifiably shoot him.

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Singing for peace through Taizé

B_G, as someone who is studying the Bible, can you tell me where it says "chanting" is not christian? Same with praying?

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Do you observe speed limits?

Still waiting for the authorities to honor me... ;)

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Do you observe speed limits?

I am all for deregulation. I am tired of the government sticking its nose in my business and telling me what to do. We don't need those dang limits, as free Americans we should be able to drive as fast as we want. Next thing you know they will want us to start paying fees to license our cars. When will it end?

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