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Man pleads guilty to exposing himself to junior high girls

totally agree with you Autie. Some people think being exposed to isn't a major deal. I remember when I was nine and a man exposed himself to me and my mother. We were leaving the circus. This nut ran up to us in a trench coat, opened it up and laughed. There were some men walking by that heard my mother's screams. They tackled him and we waited for the police. That was over twenty years ago. I still remember the event like it was yesterday. Now that i'm an adult, I can laugh about it....a little. However it's not a memory I would want my 13 year old to have

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Area bicyclists confused by deadly accident

As much as I would like to throw an insult back at you Baille..I won't. It's very sad that you couldn't answer a simple question. I hope you live a happy life and I wish you contiuned success insulting people you don't know anything about.

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Area bicyclists confused by deadly accident

Not sure if you're referring to my question "saltyboatr" If you are let me say question is not irrelevant to the issue. I am asking a question regarding sharing a road with other cyclist. Like a stated..I don't have a problem doing so...I just need someone to clarify if they can do those things. I am not even attempting to make any excuses for what happened to David Dillion. It was sad and probably could have been prevented. I beleive you must understood my post. I was asking if the same rules of the road that applies to me an automobile driver, applies to a cyclist..nothing more nothing less.

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Area bicyclists confused by deadly accident

I don't have any problems sharing the road with anyone. I just need to know the basics here.

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Area bicyclists confused by deadly accident

Can someone please answer this for me. I spent majority of my life in the inter-city Chicago. I'm not aware of the cyclist laws. Chicago is based on public transportation. Well I understand I can't past a cyclist with in 3 feet. Make right turns in front of them..etc. However since I've been here I've had the following experiences:1. a lady on a bike made a left turn in front of me. I was in the left turning lane on New Hamspire turning east towards Boarders. She was in the right lane. I thougth she was going straight..well the light changed. I made my left and she was right beside me. I almost hit her. I thought she was suppose to be to the left or behind me to make that turn. 2. I was at a 4 way stop. Bike rode right threw didn't stop. 3. Bike ran a red light while I was stopped.4. I was on Locust st. 4 cyclist were riding in a row. I couldn't past. The 18-wheeler behind me started honking and flashing his lights. I just give the cyclist room and if I can pass I do. If I can't I wait. I'm not in a big rush...but I thought they couldn't run lights and stop signs. Or block the road...please advise.

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Beware: Fraudulent callers soliciting personal information

XTC (Anonymous) says: My 75 year old mother got the call Saturday night too.She called me, try and explain phishing to a 75 year old at 1:30 in the morning!! I hope the Feds nab themI agree with you. I have an elderly father and he keeps getting emails from jerks like this. He almost gave up his info, but thank God he called me first. I warned him about the calls also.

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Media cover vows of Lawrence couple

CONGRATS, I wish you all the happiness in the world.KSDiva- Until 1967 interracial marriages were banned. The landmark case that over-turned this was Loving v. Virginia.

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Sex and the City

I love Sex and the City. I've been a fan for a long time. I will go to see the movie this weekend. Hey Rhonda, if you're daughter won't let you can go with me. My daughter won't let me go to the movies with her either. In fact i'm not allowed in the Lawrence movie theater or the pool on Saturdays.

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Are you going on vacation this summer?

Going to Vegas on June 26. Can't wait

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You and Your Pet Peeves - Things That Irk

Hello Rhonda, That happens to me at least once a day. Now that I think about it....I have another one. Parent who let young children serve themselves at buffets. You see them messing up the food or putting food back. The parents say nothing.

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