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Arrest made; slaying details emerge

Ya'll doggin' on McAtee are idiots. That is a sure sign he is doing his job and doing excellent!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless You McAtee!!!!!!!

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Sheriff: Death 'suspicious'

Ya'll want to say ..." Well at least he is in a better place". I hope and pray that you're right. The only way that would be possible though is if Clacc truly repented from his old lifestyle and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. Repented means to turn from and also be deeply remorseful for the sin he had committed against God and try to live for God. Believing Jesus is the living Son of God who died and was raised again, so that we could also die and rise again, forgiven and live eternally with God. Then yes he is in a better place...if not then praying won't help now. Why don't we pray that God gives comfort to his family in this time of sadness and pray that everyone reading this is right with God so that when the time comes we will all go to a better place. I am so sorry Clacc's life had to end this way , but it seems like it is happening more and more with our youth and them thinking there is something honorable about going out like this. Could it be the music or maybe our attitude or maybe our pride...whatever the cause it is sad. Hopefully Clacc was saved, are you? Are you willing to risk eternity on it? Are you right with God?

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Former Farmland Industries site has an interested buyer

What about all the ousted employees that were there for 25 yrs or more then got booted out with a one week vacation check? Or the ones forced out because they were getting ready to retire? Or the employees that had cars and houses reposessed due to the plant closing.... where is the settlement there? I am so sick of big business bankruptcies, while the upper management get millions the true workers get dumped on..... but we are supposed to keep our chin up!!!!! They are worried about the land what about the people and the lives?

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Jury finds man not guilty of charges in shooting

He will be in the news again...sooner than later probably. That's the sad part. Only next time it will be for murder and it will be somebodys daughter. Sign of the times!

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Resident with bipolar disorder wants illness out in the open

This is a good thing you are doing! For too long people with mental illness have been treated inferior to everyone else! Even family treats you like they have to hide you in the closet and dread the days they have to let you out. Unless you fit the "normal " mode you don't fit anywhere! God Bless you for all your doing and hopefully it will change some feelings on mental illnesses. What gets me is most people act like you can control how it makes you act and just don't.... oh how we wish it was that simple!

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Abe & Jake's is city's burden

I don't think it is the patrons at Abe and Jake's... I think it is Mike Elwell that is the problem....remember he used to be a lawyer (judge) so he knows how to and whose belly to scratch! Check your history, he had the same problems at the Granada when he owned it...but played stupid when confronted on people getting hurt . One of these days Mike you won't be able to play stupid... you will be held accountable for your STUFF. Makes you wonder when renting a bar became more lucrative than being a judge or lawyer.... does he have insurance?

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Police seek suspects in crack case

WWWOOOHHHOOO for the police!!!!!! Get a couple more crack dealers out of town!!!! You people that can't say anything nice about our cops, country or town...why don't you move to Iraq... or better yet Iran! You go good guys!!!! I will keep on cheering you on!!!!!!! Keep up the good work and God Bless you!

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Widow: Gangs weren't involved

I wonder where Robert Earl Williams is now...eternity lasts alot longer than life on this planet. Where are all you going to spend eternity? In this crazy world we all ought to stop and ask ourselves that question..... are you willing to bet eternity on there not being an eternity? Not me!!!

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Family believes cult lured daughter

I am so sorry for the parents of Lahla, please, please, please forgive all these hateful people and their negative comments. Until people walk in your shoes they haven't got a clue! Don't judge Jesus and the Bible by this action, that's what the enemy wants you to do and stay away from the Bible because then we stay vunerable! people perish for lack of knowledge... Jn 10:10 tells use 'the devil roams about seeking WHOM he may devour...' he can only devour weak,helpless, vunerable people! If you don't stand for will fall for anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Word of God ( the Bible) is sharper than any double edged sword!!!!!!!!!!!!! To the parents...may God keep you and bless you during your time of trials...cling to Him, He will get you through this!

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Witnesses to shooting are silent

Some of you people just love to hate, don't you? Even if it was a perfect catch the criminal job done by our local brave officers, you would still find something to gripe about... that is soooo sad you are that miserable! Why don't we try to support our police dept., times are getting rougher and they will go on getting rougher! It takes a special breed to go out and protect a bunch of ingrates! Sorry LPD for all the negativity.... not everyone is like that, I for one am very proud of you guys and gals! And pray for you everyday! Keep on keepin' on LPD !!! :) May God Bless You and Keep You!!!!!

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